Will my PSU handle me buying a GTX 760

  Mattbas90 18:07 29 Dec 2013


I have recently bought BF4 and i am looking to be able to run it on something a little higher than "low". I have read reviews of many graphics cards and the GTX 760 is within my price range and has received good reviews.

However, i am not clued up enough to know the ins and outs of my computer and was wondering if my 400w PSU has enough juice to run the GTX 760 and the rest of my components.

Here is my set up: 400W Desktop Power Supply MSI H81M-P33 Intel® H81 (G4) uATX Motherboard New 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-4430 Quad Core Processor (3.0GHz, 6MB Cache) 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory (2x4GB) Kit Integrated Intel® Full HD 4600 Graphics 1TB SATA III 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 64Mb Cache, 8ms Hard Drive

Thanks in advance.

  alanrwood 19:01 29 Dec 2013


I think you might be pushing it a bit as the card will consume around 165 Watts itself. (click here,3542-22.html). It just might put the power supply unit on to running at around full capacity and result in a problem along the line. If I were you I would install a more powerful PSU but then again you have nothing to lose by trying it. If the PSU burns out then you will have your answer but that has its own risks in that it might take some other component with it. I would not risk it personally.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:35 30 Dec 2013

Nvidia actually quote GTX 760 power consumption at 170W, I would not fit one without upgrading that PSU. I always favour having plenty of headroom, for reliability and efficiency, so would suggest 600W+ for new PSU and don't skimp by buying a cheapo one. They tend not to produce the advertised output and are often unreliable and short-lived.

As alanrwood suggested, an expiring PSU can take other components with it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:40 30 Dec 2013

I should add to the above that Nvidia quote a minimum PSU output requirement of 500W.

  Mattbas90 11:53 30 Dec 2013

Thanks very much for your replies. I will now look for a decent PSU.

Another quick question - Iv read about bottle necking from the processor? am i right in thinking that i will not have this problem with my setup?

Your knowledge and feedback is appreciated, thanks again.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:01 30 Dec 2013

I don't think you need to worry about bottlenecking with your processor.

  Menzie 15:17 30 Dec 2013

That processor is plenty to drive that video card so there shouldn't be any bottlenecking issues.

A friend of mine is running a 780 with a second generation i5 and he is still getting very good frame rates. I think that is being bottlenecked overall but for now his games are still running smoothly at 1080p.

  Mattbas90 14:21 31 Dec 2013

Thank you again for the replies. Lets hope I can install the new components now!

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