Will I be breaking copyright law?

  Bazz2000 00:28 18 Feb 2009

Hi people, heres my predicament:
I bought a game from woolworths about 3 moths ago, (Titan Quest). The disc has suffered some scratches and is damaged. I emailed the game manufacturer but did not even get a response. My question is this.
If I were to download a copy of the game from some torrent site, then used my own licence key from my original game, would I be doing anything wrong? After all I do own a legitimate copy of the game and therefore a license to use it. Many thanks guys.

  tullie 01:33 18 Feb 2009

Answert i believe is yes.I also think that your license is uneque to your particuler game,so wouldent work anyway.

  Kevscar1 07:23 18 Feb 2009

When you tap in you code it has to match that in the game installation so it won't work.

  gazzaho 11:02 18 Feb 2009

I'm not sure if it would work or not, presumably the protection on the downloaded game would be cracked, which might allow it, the real question is would the EULA allow it? Most certainly not would be my guess.

You also have to weigh up the chances of virus infection from the downloaded game, a very high chance of infection can be expected from going down that route. I've even heard it mentioned that developers deliberately release virus infected versions onto P2P networks.

My advice would be to contact the developers tech support again as sometimes emails can go astray, I'm sure they will have a solution perhaps a old for new policy or similar.

  Covergirl 12:34 18 Feb 2009

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Prices from £2.99.

I broke a vase the other week. Took it back to the shop and they just shrugged . . .

  Si_L 12:52 18 Feb 2009

Buy a new copy and save yourself the hassle, and look after your discs from now on!

  Forum Editor 23:09 18 Feb 2009

it doesn't entitle you to use other copies - and especially not illegally obtained ones.

  DieSse 01:12 19 Feb 2009

"Your licence is for that specific copy"

Are you sure FE?

For instance the XP end-user licence says

"You may install, use, access, display and run one copy of the Software on a single computer"

Not "this specific copy" - one copy. As the licences are normally printed not on the physical media, referring to one particular copy would be pointless.

  DieSse 01:51 19 Feb 2009

"...it doesn't entitle you to use other copies"

UK law entitles a user to make a backup copy (not necessarily restricted to a single copy) of legitimately owned software. So licences do enable one to use another copy - the backup copy.

I cannot find anywhere as yet, that says there is a restriction on where or how the backup copy is made.

However I have have read a USA lawyers statement that USA law does not specify this. So making a backup copy from someone else's version is perfectly legitimate in the USA at least.

  tullie 08:40 19 Feb 2009

Dident know that uk law allowed someone to make a backup copy?If it was the case it would be a copy that you own wouldent it,not someone elses?

  DieSse 09:49 19 Feb 2009

"Dident know that uk law allowed someone to make a backup copy?"

Read section 7 here

click here

"If it was the case it would be a copy that you own wouldent it,not someone elses?"

Read section 7 again - it says "any backup copy" - I can't find (doesn't mean it doesn't exist) any definition of how or where such a copy can be made.

I've as yet failed to find anywhere where it says that a lawful user cannot make a copy from either a different copy to the actual copy purchased, or anywhere else for that matter. Since for the lawful owner being in possession and using that copy is not an offence, and since all digital copies are by their very nature identical - I surmise that as far as I can tell at present it doesn't matter where the lawful user obtains the copy.

I am not a lawyer.

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