Will the compaq r4155 be over the top?

  josie mayhem 00:09 27 Aug 2005

I'm thinking on this for my birthday pressie, having a large hhd, 1024mb ram, it also have a multi burner. And the battery pack last for upto 4 hours.

the purpose of my lappy will be mainly processing photo's and video while away camping (which means that I will only have the car to recharge it, hence battery life is important)

But while looking I did notice cheaper lappy's that was far cheaper but these were celeron based chips. Would something cheaper with a celeron processor (I'm used to the workings/speed of desk tops (and in this enviroment wouldn't touch a celeron processor)

So before I buy, I would like opinions of what celeron chips against either AMD or p4 on lappy's are like and how much difference that might make.

  DieSse 00:30 27 Aug 2005

For a laptop with the best power solution, look for Centrino setups. This uses a processor (Mobile Pentium-M) and chipset optimised for low power consumption, but with plenth of processing power.

Laptops wth Celerom-M (the mobile version) are less good in speed and power management, but provide very low cost.

So basically you have a choice. A very cheap Celerom-M laptop with a spare battery may also be a good solution.

  DieSse 00:31 27 Aug 2005

Spot the late night keyboard skills (it's 01.30 here) - Celerom - ha!

  Joe R 10:40 27 Aug 2005

josie mayhem,

This may be similar to what you are looking for. click here

Also a review here. click here

  wjrt 12:36 27 Aug 2005

you can buy an invertor which will plug into the car cigarette lighter socket. this will give you 240v AC power and use the normal laptop power supply. laptops use about 70w or about 6amps so if running engine and charging laptop battery you can use laptop at same time.

  wjrt 12:57 27 Aug 2005

forgot to give a link
click here
third one down 150W £22.55 should do
plenty of others around

  josie mayhem 22:19 27 Aug 2005

thanks all

I'm typing this on a compaq r3460ea, very similar spek to the other cheaper.

It has an 80gb hdd, multi burning dvd, memory a bit low 512mb, 128mb shared with graphics a radeon 900.

so not do bad, meory is easey to up grade so this will solve this, and it has a p4 3.2ghz processor. But does have all that I require so am quite happy.

wjrt, I'm off to your site, as the inverter has many more uses for me tha just the notion of charging my lappy. When I say camping apart from having the luxary of a trailer tent, there's nothing else on site except for a chemical waste point (you have to take your own chemical toilet) a cold water tap,, and rubbish bins. But having time away from the rat race (just come back from two weeks, with no telly, radio or awareness of what was going on in the outside worlcomplete and utter bliss.....

thanks all I'm on my last weekend a way in a weeks time, so will be able to test out if I made the right dission, I;ll let you know how I got on.

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