Will any laptop hard driver fir any model?

  caggybutton 13:09 11 Jan 2010

Sorry for such a newbie question but I am looking for a new hard drive for a dell latitude c810 and its quite hard to find one.
I went onto a website and they just listed hard drives with no specific model, so I was wondering if there is a standard hard drive that fits all?


  GaT7 13:30 11 Jan 2010

Going by hard drive upgrades offered at Dell for your model click here, you need an ATA/IDE drive (the other common type is SATA).

To confirm this, have a look at the drive it has by physically removing it - click here for instructions. Let us know the info on the drive, & its dimensions.

In theory any 2.5" IDE laptop drive should work - click here for a small selection. G

  caggybutton 14:42 11 Jan 2010

Thanks a lot.

I have removed the hard drive but have no idea what I need to look for to tell the typre of drive I need. Its got a load of writing on it how do I find out?

The size is 2.75" across by about 4".

Thanks again.

  GaT7 15:16 11 Jan 2010

Well, as I thought, it may not be easy to find out the maximum drive it'll take - or even more than 60Gb. And a BIOS update may be required. My guess is that 120Gb will be the max after a BIOS update.

Do a scan at click here, or enter your service tag to find out possible hard drive upgrades.

Also enquire at the Dell forums about the max capacity your laptop is capable of (with / without a BIOS update). Laptop hardware forum at click here, & forum registration page at click here.

If the above seems too much, I would suggest getting an external USB drive if you're running out of space on the current one. Or even an external USB caddy & matching drive. More about this if you decide to opt for an external solution. G

  GaT7 15:20 11 Jan 2010

Just to confirm, also enquire at the forum whether a standard 2.5" IDE laptop drive will do. G

  caggybutton 15:39 11 Jan 2010

Thanks I dont really care about the size of the hard drive as I'm repalacing it because its faulty.

  Pamy 16:20 11 Jan 2010

Take it to your local dealer and ask them for a replacement

  caggybutton 17:19 11 Jan 2010

I live miles from anywhere.

  wjrt 18:10 11 Jan 2010

click here
maybe something here

  caggybutton 20:41 11 Jan 2010

Where measuring it to see if I need a 2.5" or 3.5" do I measure across, or length wise (from the end where the pin connector is). Because mine measures a little over 2.5 across by a little over 3.5 " length.


  GaT7 21:36 11 Jan 2010

It's definitely not a 3.5" drive as they are meant for desktops.

Didn't you check the link in my 1st post? Did you do the scan or enter your service tag I asked you to in my 2nd post?

You can normally tell what drive it is by Googling the make & part number printed on the drive. If you want, you can take a photo of the label, host it at click here & paste the link here for us to have a look.

My doubt arose because some Dell's contain propriety components. I.e. parts that are Dell branded/styled that will only work in Dell machines. G

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