WiFi Modem Router with Switch to Switch off WiFi?

  TomJerry 22:29 11 Mar 2005

Any suggestion?

I am looking for a wireless ADSL modem router with both wired and wireless connections.

But, I want it has one switch which can switch off wireless function when it is needed.

I am mainly use wired connection, but need wireless from time to time when kids kick me out of my seat.

I do not want wireless function on constantly because any possible security and health risk (not proving yet).

Currently, I have two routers, one wired and one wireless and I only connect wireless one with wired one when I needed. But too much trouble and too messy desk.

  wjrt 23:28 11 Mar 2005

the router end of the system is a receiver and the pc or laptop end the transmitter and unless the system is very much different then there should be a very simple method of shutting down the transmit side ie on my laptop to shut down eg when going by plane hotkey Fn+F1 shuts down the wifi

  TomJerry 23:30 11 Mar 2005

but I just want ean asy solution, Press a button it done

  byfordr 02:05 12 Mar 2005

U could try the netgear DG834G the switch is via software...logging will take you all of 10 seconds. Assume most other routers will have the same options. Can't say I know of any that have a hardware option to turn off wireless.


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