WI FI Laptop

  EFC1878 19:24 15 Nov 2008

Christmas is coming so I am thinking of buying a WI-FI enabled laptop for my daughter [that way I might get my pc back!]

Canybody point me towards any good buys thta they have seen


  Clapton is God 19:27 15 Nov 2008

Most, if not all, laptops are wi-fi enabled.

We'll need rather more information about the kind of specs and budget you have in mind, before advising.

  EFC1878 12:28 16 Nov 2008

Probably a 1GB RAM decent hard disk space. I don't beleive she will doing anything like video or photo editing so a high spec is not really needed.

Budget? Not sure really as little as I can get away with c£300?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:38 16 Nov 2008

click here= 3299 and you can take it away this afternoon. It will do all you will ever need.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:38 16 Nov 2008

..and that would be £329................

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:39 16 Nov 2008

..and that would be £299................
a particularly bad day methinks.


  curofone 14:25 16 Nov 2008

if you can get at your local store than this is what i would get,

click here

also if you go here click here you can see a good hp machine for £330 it is an instore only price so you will have to see if you can get it at your local store and make sure the offer is still on

else if if £300 is your limit i would get this over the advent: click here

I know you are on a budget but i was you i would really stay away from advents,emachines,eisystems,fujitsu and philips and pay the extra £30 - £50 and by the entry level toshibas and hp machines then you can find on websites such as comet, ebuyer and dabs as you will get a lot better build quality and support if it does go wrong.

  EFC1878 18:07 16 Nov 2008

Thanks as ever for the tips. No sooner than I have started looking than the wife also throws in the thought about driving lessons as well. Has she not heard of the credit crunch?

Again thanks for yuor input certainly given me something to look at

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