Why's there an Xbox game review in PCA?

  Eagie 23:16 25 May 2003

As always I awaited the new edition of PCA baited breath and excitement and was supremely happy when it landed on my mat a couple of days ago but something strange has happened. I thought the PC stood for personal computer so that the mag would be about Persoanl Computers but in the lifestyle section there are things there that destroy my theory: an Xbox Game review and a review of the GameBoy Advance SP.

Simple question: why?

I don't own an xbox and I don't want to and, if I did, why would I be buying a magazine called PC Advisor?

Now, I do know that people don't always limit themselves to one platform, and there are many good mags that cater for those people, but I don't see why PCA is doing this. Surely there isn't a lack of PC games being released that means they have to resort to 'fillers'.

Come on PCA, advise me on Personal Computers like you always have done so well in the past.

  Paperback Writer 23:48 25 May 2003

It's nice to wander away from the world of pc's now and again. A few pages of reviews of other stuff is a welcome relief in my book.

Are you interested in seeing some glimpses of the latest technology (whatever platform it may be)?

I think PCA has the balance spot on.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:55 25 May 2003

1) It is basically a computer.

2) It connects to the Internet.

3) It uses windows code.

4) Gaming is a part of computing.

5) It uses CDs that contain programme code.

6) It is a Microsoft product.

7) I don't own a Mesh, Firewire product, USB2, router, server, Zip drive etc., etc. but am still interested in reading about them...mind widening in psychologyspeak.

Perchance you have had a bad day?


  Forum Editor 00:29 26 May 2003

we would come under fire for ignoring an important aspect of computer technology. If we do mention it we come under fire for not concentrating entirely on PCs.

Surely it's a question of balance - as Paperback Writer has said? If you're not remotely interested in anything other than PCs you're missing out in my view. The lines of distinction are blurring, and they'll continue to do so in the future, so we'll continue to cover the options from time to time.

  Eagie 09:45 26 May 2003

If you do offer a XBox review then you should be fair to all other platforms and contain the same number of reviews for them. How do you choose the one review you are going to give? You can't expect to give a proper view of the Xbox world with one review. The thing incommon with people who buy PCA is that they all own, or are about to own, a PC meaning that they can all play PC games should they want to - not all of your readers own an Xbox (why not do a survey to find out just how many?)

I agree with Paperback writer that it is nice to wander away from the world of PCs from time to time, my personal interest is synthesisers (which contain computer technology in them) so I guess I will be seeing reviews of them in PCA soon? Hi-fis are also useful things to have info on, as are microwaves... But then I get which? magazine, sound on sound and other mags to fill me on about them.

In answer to Gandalfs 7th point, all of those things you mention can be directly connected to your computer (except for the Mesh which is a computer - which I define as being used for other things than just games as that would be a games console not a pc) so they have more relevance.

I will ignore Gandalfs sixth poitn except to say if Microsoft diversified and made tampons would you expect PCA to review them?

Actuall I had quite a nice day, thank you for asking Gandalf. :-)

  3Toed 12:33 26 May 2003

I agree with Eagie on this matter.I would much rather see more items 'directly'concerned with Pc's and there matters arising,than other'diversities'which i dont wish to see in the mag-.My car has 'PCM' (programmable control management)-,computerised-where do you draw the line?can we have a mention on these?-I'm sorry,but when i buy a PC advisor mag,i expect to see dedication to that subject,if i need to find out more on the Xbox then i pick up an Xbox mag.

  Mysticnas 14:21 26 May 2003

has been tinkering with his XP box. He has downloaded all his X-Box games onto 120Gb hard drives in some file format i think it's called ROM???

anyway... he plugs this somehow into his X-Box and plays games straigh off the hard drives. I think he's even running Win2K on a hard drive connected to the X-box.

It's all interesting, as the FE said, computers are no longer a machine found on desktops for number crunching, they are found everywhere in different shapes forms etc...

It's all good and interesting to see what else is going on around us in the technology indudstry.

  Totally-braindead 14:52 26 May 2003

I'm afraid I agree with Eagie, if you open this can of worms where will you stop. Also FE if you're going to start this are you going to review all the other Xbox games? If you start doing that you'll certainly lose one reader. I have a PC and am not interested in the slightest in consoles. Now if theres news about Microsoft and how this may affect PCs then of course I'm interested and would expect to see details in the PC Advisor news pages. What I am not interested in is reviews of the games for the Xbox. Sorry Gandalf don't agree at all, I see a great deal of difference in details of peripherals which connect to the PC (even if I don't have them) and a console game review. Its not a matter of mind widening, PC Advisor is a PC magazine if you want to know about the Xbox buy an Xbox magazine. Sorry Gandalf sounded a bit like raving there, but really, mind widening? PS I've also have had a nice day.

  wee eddie 17:39 26 May 2003

I cannot say that I am interested in games at-all. However, there is a certain amount of sense in reviewing a number of games as they will be coming along soon for the PC gamers to play on their boxes.

I think that what is more relevant to PCA is the operating differences between the dedicated Gaming Consoles and the same game on a PC. To that end, there is no harm in gamers knowing what may be coming.

  H-J 18:22 26 May 2003

Personally I'm fed up with dedicated games consoles. I think that they are overpriced "gotta haves" that cost more money than sense and 18 months down the line they are just car boot sale fodder while another "gotta have" comes along.

and just for the record, I AM having a bad day as my cdrw drive packed up.


p.s. anyone want to buy an antique NES nintendo?

  Eagie 23:58 26 May 2003

For the record, I don't have anything against games consoles but, to answer Wee Eddies point about reviewing console games that will be coming the PCs way later, why waste review space? Just review the game when it is available for the PC. The Xbox version and the PC version will be different so an XBox review hold little relevance.

Maybe we could just have a round up of other technology updates (with web links for those who want more info) leaving more space for all the many things directly associated with PCs.

Contrary to what I said earlier, my car window has just been smashed in by vandals so yes I am having a bad day (but had just seen Matrix Reloaded which is excellent so it's not all doom and gloom!).

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