Why is this so cheap?

  Kate B 16:27 14 Oct 2005

I mentioned a while back that I'm in the market for an A3 scanner and various kind people came up with this Mustek scanner: click here

Thing is, I can't work out why it's so cheap when all other A3 scanners are way more expensive. I'm delighted, but can't help feeling there must be a catch.

Anybody got any thoughts?

  Rigga 17:36 14 Oct 2005

The optical resolution of 300x600dpi is very low.

Taking a quick look at other A3 scanners, this one for example > click here < has an optical resolution of 9600 x 4800dpi.


  Rigga 17:38 14 Oct 2005

P.S. interpolated resolution is useless, it's like with digital cameras, when they claim 7 mega pixels, and then in the small print the CCD is only 2 mega pixels.

All interpolated pixels are best guesses by the computer!


  Ivor_Monkey 17:53 14 Oct 2005

Of course, it depends what you need a scanner for?
I bought a scanner for a £35 (including paperport software) some years ago and it was and remains brilliant, esp for OCR (optical character recongition - word processing), photos etc. It was something like:
click here

A bargain.

  Stuartli 18:02 14 Oct 2005

Actually Kate, compared with some of the A3 scanners pricewise, Rigga's link offers what appears to be a very good buy.

You could also try keeping in touch with a company such as Morgan Computers:

click here

whose offers are changing all the time.

Or you could bid on e-Bay(!):

click here

List of scanners:

click here

and one source of refurbished scanners which just might come up with an A3:

click here (Tel: 0870 264 5151)

  Rayuk 18:15 14 Oct 2005

Have you googled for any reviews?

  Forum Editor 00:17 15 Oct 2005

and to be honest it's had mixed reviews. A fairly consistent gripe is that its colour reproduction is pretty dire. That's to be expected with its £75 price tag however; if you want a scanner for photo-repro work you'll need to budget for a good deal more.

Otherwise, the machine's well-built, and trouble-free, although you'll need to put up with a fairly long warmup time - it's amazing how long 30 seconds can seem nowadays.

I'm sure you know that A3 colour scans require a fair bit of muscle in the RAM department, although I doubt that's a problem in your case.

  Kate B 12:16 15 Oct 2005

Hmm, thanks for the input, everyone. I'm after something that will scan my various cuttings, many of which are from broadsheets and won't fit on to an A4 scanner. I might have a closer look at the Microtek suggested by Rigga, thanks very much for that. And FE, no, Ram isn't an issue ...

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