why laptops are more reliable than PC's?

  Lord_Monkfish 11:50 01 Dec 2007

From my experience, laptops seem to have less problems over the years than PC's... the last 2 PC's I bought almost immediately had problems, yet a laptop I bought in between the 2 PC purchases has had nearly zero problems (for a laptop nearly 3 years old I think this is rather good).

Why do laptops seem to be more reliable?

  Why wont it work 12:20 01 Dec 2007

I think it might just be luck... Laptops are supposed to die earlier because they are carried/ battered around and due to cramped conditions, components tend to run much hotter in laptops than pcs resulting in a shorter life.

However, my laptops seem to last longer than my desktops too! Maybe it's because I fiddle around with/ upgrade my pc, but leave the laptops be...?

Saying that, my oldest laptop still works but has quite a few quirks now (it's 4-5 years old). For example, if you put the screen back more than 90 degrees it turns off and only 2 out of 4 usb portsd work anymore! Oh well.

  Taff™ 12:28 01 Dec 2007

I`m afraid I can`t agree with you. Over the last ten years I`ve had far more problems with laptops than desktop PC`s. Software problems on either can be resolved pretty much the same but hardware faults are very difficult to cure on laptops. With a desktop PC you can swap out components pretty much at will since they are interchangeable. A laptop invariably requires specialist tools and dedicated spares. Screens, inverters and even keypads aren`t interchangeable and repairs involve large labour costs which often make the exercise pointless. Over the last 6 months I have scrapped five laptops but only one desktop for this very reason.

  spuds 12:41 01 Dec 2007

Most people that I know who own a laptop, have had many changes over the years, through one reason or another. They also have home and business computers, and in the main they consider these the best and more reliable buy.

I have two personal computers and one laptop. One computer is about 8 years old with modifications, one is about 3 years old, and both have been extremely reliable. The laptop is about 3 years old and is no longer in use, mainly due to expensive replacement requirement of failed/failing components.

  Lord_Monkfish 12:47 01 Dec 2007

Perhaps I have just been lucky with my laptop (or very unlucky with PC's; this seems most likely).

My opinion is biased because the last 2 PC's I've bought have arrived to me faulty! 1st one from PC Specialist then the 2nd one from Cube247. You expect that for just under £2000 you'll get something that works.

  Zopah 13:08 01 Dec 2007

Bought a dual core AMD HP laptop in January. Different components were failing by August, and HP's apparently "good" customer service repaired it.
Did a fresh system reinstall the night it was returned, to discover that the graphics card was on its way out, and, for the original problem to return a few days later, along with others.

Meanwhile, I've had this Dell desktop for almost 3 years, probably down to the fact it has some of the best cooling I've ever seen, only the DVD drive has failed (which, at most, is going to cost me £30 to replace when I see fit).

I'm going to put it down to the cooling and power reqs, my laptop runs *really* hot, the air coming out of the desktop when on high load isn't any hotter than lukewarm.

  SANTOS7 13:54 01 Dec 2007

I think lappys are more reliable because they are harder to muck about with and because they are left alone thwe components stand the test of time, NOT- SO with a desktop, always opening the sides rummageing around changing stuff willy nilly HMM!! thats a bit cheaper i'll bung one of them in, sound familiar?

  jack 15:55 01 Dec 2007

It could be luck, it could be another thing
Laptops are made as an integrated 'lump' all components matched add tested.
A Big Brand Desktop - Dell lets say tend to once more be made as a piece-with in each case limited upgradability.
The average Desk top made by the smaller firms or by our selves can have a mish mash of components that are some times not made for each other.

  Arnie 19:14 01 Dec 2007

but any unreliability may be down to the fact that they are of course portable devices.

No doubt some of them get bumped around in car boots, out of sight from the criminal fraternity.

Desktop computers as there name suggests generally stay in situ.

  Newuser2 09:18 06 Dec 2007

Laptops more reliable, you must be living on another planet.
My son purchased an Alienware top of the range lappy.
It had to go back 3 times for a new mother board, graphics card, HD's etc. etc they even put a new case on it.
He demanded a new replacement when it packed up the fourth time, AW were reluctant until my son told them he would withhold the finance payments, that seemed to gel AW's mind. My son got a new top of the range replacement back in May.
This is the good part the new one would not start up on Monday and after spending hours on the phone to the tech guys they have advised it needs a new Mother Board.
My son is in the process of demanding a complete refund.

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