Why is it some suppliers can, and others can't?!

  onthelimit1 12:19 20 Dec 2014

I ordered a new PC from Novatech on Thursday at 4pm, and a W7 DVD from Amazon at the same time. Both arrived before Miday on Friday. Brilliant service - particularly for the time of year

  spuds 12:40 20 Dec 2014

"Why is it some suppliers can, and others can't?!"

Because some can, and some cannot. Even some of the 'big names' have had problems with deliveries and supplies, if media reports are anything to note.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have received next day supplies, and other deliveries that were promised took a little longer. I have a number of items coming from China and South East Asia, that in the main were not promised till the New Year, yet have started to arrive now (2 weeks from order).

What is becoming more noticeable with previously non-EU overseas goods, is how some sellers are using EU/UK distribution facilities more for UK deliveries. This not only provides a better and faster service, but cut-back on any paperwork or questions on possible extra costs.

One thing that I have noticed, is the Royal Mail 24 or 48 hour service, which seems to be taking much longer nowadays. Royal Mail are still complaining that they are losing profits to competitor's, yet in the main, all our small mail deliveries are via Royal Mail post-person's hand deliveries. Just doesn't make sense!.

  LastChip 01:38 21 Dec 2014

It depends on who you get. To be honest, I've been more than impressed with deliveries this year in most cases. Most stuff (UK sourced) turning up within a couple of days.

For example, there was a knock on the door at about 9.30pm a couple of days ago and a chap (courier) who delivers to me regularly was standing there with a parcel for me. I remarked on how late he was working and his reply; "I just want to make sure everyone gets their parcels for Christmas".

Some people are remarkably conscientious and in the main are often not recognised for the diamonds they are.

  BillSers 01:41 21 Dec 2014

Some might say blame it on the EU:

Shoppers should complete their Christmas shopping quickly because a European Union directive is threatening to reduce the number of lorry drivers available and disrupt deliveries, the transport secretary has said.

click here

  carver 09:27 21 Dec 2014

There's only one firm that's failed me this year and that's Argos, Amazon have delivered on time every time, they can't control 3rd part sellers but mainly delivery time is stated on website.

I ordered a new grill from the CO-OP electrical department on Friday at 3pm it turned up yesterday (Saturday) at 1pm now hows that for service.

  Forum Editor 12:21 21 Dec 2014

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