SANAP 11:09 08 Mar 2004

This is my saga and it is still running and bear in mind not once did DELL ever contact me to either keep me abreast of what was happening or offer some goodwill gesture or just say sorry. I found out everything the hard way ie I had to ring them, email them, and finally post on here. This is the timetable so far.

1. Ordered PC Online 17TH FEB

2. Confirmed 19th Feb delivery 27th Feb

3. Money taken from CC 23 Feb

4. Ordered was cancelled by DELL 19th but no one told me.

5. Re-ordered 26th Feb but never put in producton, reason given, waiting for credit clearance!!

6. Phone call from DELL 1st MARCH to say no games pack blah de blah.

7. A new order no issued today, this is the 3rd, and the new delivery date !!! is NOW 29 MARCH 2004. = 46 DAYS and they had my money on 23rd Feb.

This is so bad it is now a total joke and if DELL were any good they would give me the thing for nothing with an apology but I very much doubt it.

And unfortunately I am stuck with them because it takes up to 6 weeks to get your money back.


  wee eddie 11:46 08 Mar 2004

Pity that Dell have not got the brass neck to have a presence on this Forum.

There is a failure of Dell logic between Items 4 & 5, but I have little doubt that you have pointed this out to them!

  jaydeeace 11:46 08 Mar 2004

I'm sure that by this point you have the right to cancel the order and demand a refund - FE will probably advise you further about this, as my knowledge of contract law isn't quite as comprehensive ;)

Also, I can't understand any admin department taking up to 6 weeks for a refund... sheer inefficiency? Or maybe there are so many dissatisfied customers demanding refunds that you just have to join the back of the queue?

I was considering buying a laptop from Dell in the next few months, but after reading a few stories along these lines, I'm having a serious re-think.

  byfordr 14:03 08 Mar 2004

Take it up with your credit card company or if you can get someone from Irish Dell they tend to be quite helpful

  gold 47 15:07 08 Mar 2004

Someone should inform QVC about Dell they think there all singing.

  Jester2K 15:26 08 Mar 2004

....unhappy customers in the minority...... other customers also have same experience with other vendors.... ask for help in resolving this matter.... no good ranting over it....

  visfoote 15:39 08 Mar 2004

Clearly "Sanap" is one of a very few who (may) have cause to complain - were Dell genuinely that inefficient there would have been many replies describing similar experiences by now (and they would not be the market leader)

As there have been none, let me add my recent experience:-

Tried to place order on-line, but found that on-line ordering was carefully set up to "encourage" payment on the never-never through Dell's finance house - rang up and asked how I could pay in one fell swoop by Credit Card - response was "no problem, I can take your order right now, Sir, and of course the on-line order special offers will apply"

Ordered there and then, with immediate confirmation that the Credit Card company had authorised payment - was given a delivery date of approximately 12-14 days, which was later refined into 12 days after I had placed the order

In the event, the carriers contacted me a few days later to agree a firm date which turned out to be even earlier than anything suggested earlier

System arrived as promised in perfect condition and working order


P.S. The build quality of the system is vastly superior to any other make of PC system I have encountered (I am a retired IT professional with considerable experience of PC systems and networks)

  thisisnighthawk 15:56 08 Mar 2004

i suppose with the amount of PC's they build, some will fall through the net, when i ordered my laptop, that was a day late, rang them in the evening when i knew it would not be here, they said first thing in the morning and they would refund the postage, it came and they did...a top rate laptop...

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