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Why I Like Dealing With Local Businesses

  Menzie 19:30 10 Dec 2019

There's a local electronics store that I buy all my car equipment from. They do the sales and installation of everything they sell. They are a little bit more expensive than larger retailers sometimes.

Over two years ago I purchased a dashcam for my vehicle. It was one of those units with 2 cameras covering the front and rear of the vehicle.

A week ago the camera stopped working, it just kept rebooting. I went to see them and they contacted the manufacturer.

A few days later I got a call telling me to come in for the replacement. I went in and they put a brand new camera in, set it up, tested and away I went.

I wasn't expecting that, it was the first thing I've bought from them that ever broke. With the level of service received I feel like I'm in good hands.

  Forum Editor 22:48 10 Dec 2019

*"I feel like I'm in good hands."

You obviously are. Your storekeeper understands one of the golden rules of successful retailing - build brand loyalty and you'll always get a living. It's an art, and those who practice it deserve to succeed.

  mrgrumpy 12:31 11 Dec 2019

That's a perfect example of what keeps small businesses going. Big stores don't seem to care much about customers these days and to the staff its just a job so a disgruntled customer wont hurt their own bank account they will still get paid.

FE PLEASE ALLOW ME TO SAY THIS, the only exception I know where staff go the extra mile is John Lewis and partners , this is because the partners are the staff themselves so what each individual does could effect everyone.

The worse attitude I have come across was a guy in a DIY store , I asked him for something and he said , never heard of that , followed by I have worked here 25 years so if I don't know what your talking about we don't sell it.

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