Why Flexible Keyboards?

  Procrastinus 14:33 10 Feb 2009

I do not see the point of 'roll-up' keyboards available nowadays - unless one wants to type off a boulder somewhere!
What am I missing in their advantages?

  dagbladet 14:52 10 Feb 2009


  jimv7 14:59 10 Feb 2009


  Procrastinus 20:56 10 Feb 2009

Thanks - next time I move my PC to a Scottish hillside, I will make sure I have one!
Seems there are no hidden advantages.

  GaT7 21:32 10 Feb 2009

Pros of a roll-up keyboard...

click here

click here

Obviously not for everyone.

"....unless one wants to type off a boulder somewhere!" - hadn't thought of that one!! Made me laugh, thanks :-)), G

  Taff™ 09:12 11 Feb 2009

I first saw one in Dubai about three years ago and bought it for about a tenner. Portability was the main consideration. I travel extensively with my laptop and spend several hours with clients on their premises working on in-house projects. Using a cramped laptop keyboard without a separate numerical keypad for several hours gets uncomfortable.

I also find it useful when a wireless keyboard and mouse set refuses to respond when batteries are changed and need synchronising which only seems to work when you have Windows loaded. (And you can`t do that easily without a keyboard or mouse) At home I can attach it to the laptop as well and work on the dining room table - no scratches! Easy cleaning - wash it in the sink. Dinners Ready! Roll it up and put it in a drawer.

Best tenner I`ve spent on a keyboard.

  dagnammit 09:47 11 Feb 2009

I work on tills sometimes and a better method of input for rebuilding is a keyboard.

No room for a rigid keyboard which normally slides off the top of the counter to hit me on the head if I have to go beneath to get at ports and so on.

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