Why don't PCA managers reply??

  Stroller 19:26 25 Feb 2003

I have sent several emails to PCA through this website about my subscription, (I am at least one magazine, missing possibly 2)but MANAGERS at PCA do NOT HAVE THE DECENCY to reply to emails,they do not even have an "receipt of e mail" acknowledgement sent out automatically.
The same thing happened last November/ december when I had given details to renew my subscription, but someone at PCA had lost my details, and I was inundated with phone calls and mailshots to renew my already renewed subscription!
It did eventually get sorted, but again I have no choice but to send mails as I am unable to get to a telephone to contact PCA during their working hours.
I try to navigate round the web site to view my subscription details, but I am prevented from doing so by hang-ups and error 404 messages.
I have no problem with other websites, so I am sure any problems are not with my copmuter or ISP as some may suggest.

Come PCA get your finger out or you will lose another subscriber!


  anchor 19:56 25 Feb 2003

The best contacts for queries about your subscription would be the following:

Faith Wardle
[email protected]

Sean Sheffield.
[email protected]

  Stroller 20:13 25 Feb 2003

Tried them, but they are just not bothered!


  anchor 15:02 27 Feb 2003

I am surprised that you had no response from Sean Sheffield. Recently he has always responded, and been most helpful to me.

  flecc 16:40 27 Feb 2003

Try typing a naughty word!


You are not alone, Stroller.

I did not receive my copy of issue 91 (The latest spring issue) and E-mailed PCA on the 11th Feb. I too have heard nothing from them and am still missing the magazine.

It was most galling, therefore, to receive a e-mail circular encouraging me to look for my lucky number in that issue to see if I was a winner. Would love to if I had the magazine!!

  Dr. Charles 18:06 27 Feb 2003

I`ve given up, I just buy an odd PCA as and when the mood takes me now.

Some other computer magazines are just if not more interesting than PCA, you just have been having "Tunnel Vision" as you have looked mainly at PCA

  accord 18:12 27 Feb 2003

Good thread emerging here. I wonder how many more people will contribute.

i myself subscribe to PC Pro and sometimes buy PCA but this forum is great.

we all await the FE response to this and see if Stroller gets an appology from HQ and a refund on his missing copies.

  Forum Editor 18:14 27 Feb 2003

for all the compliments. I suppose I had better "get my finger out" as you so charmingly put it.

So that I have my facts right, are you saying that you have contacted both Faith Wardle at PCA and Sean Sheffield at Galleon, and neither of them have responded? I can't think what else you mean when you say "they are just not bothered".

Perhaps if you could lighten up on the insults and let me have some facts I could help. Please could you tell me who these "Managers" are that you have emailed at PCA and when you did so? Then I can try to find out what the situation is.

Dr. Charles thinks you have tunnel vision - I'm not sure quite what that adds to the discussion, but it seems pretty irrelevant to me.

  Dr. Charles 18:49 27 Feb 2003

I suppose anything which is not PCA is irrelevant to some people.

I think those of us who have struggled as Stroller has tried to get what he wants and realises that we ARE the CUSTOMERS, who PAY the wages of staff at PCA.

Ignore us and we go elsewhere.

Peter you know that is commercial sense!!!!



  Forum Editor 19:12 27 Feb 2003

you could tell me what your particular struggle with us was all about Dr. Charles? Referring vaguely to something unspecified isn't really very helpful, and you never know - I may be able to assist you too.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with reading other computer magazines - I do it myself - but referring to someone who reads PCA exclusively as having tunnel vision isn't very nice is it?

Let's keep the thread to the point, and dispense with the little homilies about commercial sense.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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