adamianna 19:51 04 Feb 2013

Hi, this post is dedicated to all those who want to buy Asus product. In October 23 I bought a Asus mainboard Masximus V. When the board turned out to be faulty, sent it in the original packaging for Asus Uk. Everything went smoothly, the case dealt with Mr. Jay Parmer. After about 4 weeks of waiting (board was sent for repair to Slovakia), waited a total of 3 months. I received my plate. After unpacking, we found that the board is packaged only in the gray box. Once opened, I discovered that it is only in the middle of the board itself without any accessories without the original box, with no antenna and module wi-fi, no drivers, cables, sata 6gb, she was just a bare board.

When I took out the film flew to the floor of reset bios button. It turned out that the box was damaged in the corner, there may not be up to the board if it was packed in orginal box.

Case's strange enough that Mr. Jay Parmer at the beginning of a very nice gentleman, now says that there is no original packaging and can not send it to me and that I have the drivers downloaded from the internet.

I think it's a scandal, never again do not buy asus, I honestly do not recommend. I have not met yet this treatment.

Here are some pictures, I hope that someone will take it quickly and help me recover   my property from ASUS

  adamianna 19:52 04 Feb 2013

This link show what should be inside box

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-OmD4189k4 Thank you for any help

  adamianna 12:00 05 Feb 2013

Thank you guys for answer, today i get email from mister Jay:

Dear Adam

As stated in the terms and conditions. Please do not send original packaging and accessories as you will not receive them back.

Kindest Regards,

Jay Parmar Service Specialist Inspiring Innovation, Persistent Perfection Tel: 01442 202 700 / Fax: 01442 245 882 Email: [email protected] Url: http://uk.asus.com/ ASUSTek (UK) Ltd. Hemel One, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7YU

Right, now I checked the first e-mail was attached file Terms and Condition. He do not write that is joined. Besides, now so I think that after he first unpacked the parcel and was able to respond that it is in the original packaging. On the other hand, it's really weird, people holding boxes of different components to year if you send in original packaging. I've heard that Asus does not want to be responsible for the stolen accessories in service - Czech Rebublic.

  adamianna 12:00 05 Feb 2013

Terms and Conditions

ASUS UK End-User ASUS Components Logistics Service Agreement 1. Scope To provide a logistics service for all in warranty cases whereby end users can not be granted an RMA through retail as per our standard warranty procedure. ASUSTeK (UK) Limited is a company duly registered in England and Wales with a principal address at 235 Old Marylebone Road, London NW1 5QT. 2. Information provided by you Prior to contacting Component logistics service, you must have the following information to hand: your original proof of purchase receipt, Model, Serial Number, Full Name, Full Address, & Basic Problem Description. 3. Payments Whereby we will be handling the logistics for all in warranty cases for end users. Shipping from our UK office to Czech office, returned to us and thereafter shipped to customer. Where the re-seller is not trading and charging £15.00 including VAT, directly paid by BACS. Payment will be taken prior to you shipping the component to our UK office address below 4. Warranty Coverage All our component products Motherboard, VGA cards, Bare bones, & Audio cards come with 3 years local warranty. Logistics is not covered by your warranty and a logistics charge of £15 Inc VAT will be charged per customer per item and will be non refundable. 5. Warranty Exclusions Please be aware that we do not offer an out of warranty or accidental damage repair service, if your component is deemed to be have physical damage it will be returned unrepaired. 6. Returns Goods must be securely packaged and must be fully insured against loss or damage as; Asus will not hold any responsibility for goods received with transit damage or accidental damage. Please note: do not send any accessories with your component or use the products original packaging as you will not receive these back. Your repair will be logged onto our internal system and an AC reference number will be issued to you in order for Asus to manage. Once, your component has been repaired / replaced. We will return it back you via UPS courier and provide a tracking number.

  adamianna 12:03 05 Feb 2013

If you have any further questions or issues regarding our logistics service please send an email to [email protected] or for direct contact please call: 01442202732. ASUSTeK UK Hemel One Boundary Way Hemel Hempstead HP2 7YU

(Name) (Address)

  Forum Editor 12:10 05 Feb 2013

I didn't watch all of the video, it is far too long for a simple unpacking if a motherboard.

Let's try to get the facts right, so we can advise you. As I understand it, the board was faulty, and you returned it to Asus in the original packing.

Where did you buy the board from?

You don't mention what the fault was -can you provide more detail?

How long after you received the board did the fault reveal itself?

How much time elapsed between receiving the board and returning it?

Did you send all the cables etc. back with the board - in other words was it returned in exactly the same state as when it was received?

Did you record the manufacturer's serial number before you returned the board?

Please answer those questions, and we'll take it from there.

  adamianna 13:22 05 Feb 2013

Hi, thanks for your help

  • Yes motherboard did not work, so I sent it first to the store. (Komplett.ie), they found that the pins are bent in The socket processor, and that there is no warranty, so they sent me a CD back and said that I had to deal with alone. So I sent it to Asus' original packaging prior arrangement -i bought from Komplett.ie, that was 23.october 2012
  • Fault was LGA Socket 1155P G / F SMT
  • First fault, when I bought the board from Komplett.ie, I detected immediately after connecting the board.
  • A second fault, when I received the repaired board from Asus, BIOS reset button, just flew out of the bag where there was a record. Button was broken off. A box (not our original) was slightly crumpled in the corner.
  • If we are talking about Komplett.ie about 4 weeks. Because Komplett.ie board then sent me when I was on vacation. Earlier I asked them to send just as I get back from holiday.
  • If we're talking about Asus, the board of Komplett.ie came back to me after 3 weeks, I sent it to Asus about 05/01/2013

I know it's complicated, but that's what it was, waiting for the board of 23.october 2012 :) -so I asked exactly the same state can box and everything that was in the middle. Here is a link to the photo that should be in the box:


  • Yes I have the serial number of board

Thank you for all help

  adamianna 13:28 05 Feb 2013
  spuds 14:20 05 Feb 2013

I am finding this thread a little hard to understand, so can you please confirm the following (as I understand it?).

(1) The item was purchased from Komplett of Ballycoolin Dublin 15, Eire.

(2) You purchased the item on 23 October 2012

(3) Komplett told you there was no warranty on the item, and you had to take any issues up with Asus direct.

(4) Was there any mention or explanation about the 3 year 'local warranty' on the items you have.

  adamianna 14:37 05 Feb 2013


  1. Yes that was this Komplett
  2. 23 October 2012 board coming to my house.
  3. Yes Komplett told me "warranty don't cover of bent pins", and yes Komplett told me "send board directly to Asus"
  4. No i don't know nothing about


  adamianna 14:55 05 Feb 2013

I just learned from ASUS Poland that mr Parmer cant't forward to service in the Czech Republic original box with contents if that was from me. Board should be sent to the service, but original box with contents should back to me. Unfortunately he cant help me.

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