Why does no-one respond to the 'contact us' button

  Shorty 21:17 28 Sep 2003

Over the last couple of months I have needed some information from 3 websites, so I (perhaps foolishly!) clicked on the contact us option. The e-mail goes to something like [email protected] and I have not had a response from any of them. Bearing in mind that I was intending to spend some money with at least one of the sites you would think they would bother to reply. So why bother to have a 'contact us' if they don't respond?

  [DELETED] 21:25 28 Sep 2003

One of the enduring mysteries of modern businesses !!

  [DELETED] 21:33 28 Sep 2003

they only want your money

  [DELETED] 22:22 28 Sep 2003

I think if businesses could be bothered to reply to mail it would help them get the customers that will make them BIG.

I sent an e-mail to serif ages ago, still never replied.

  spuds 22:42 28 Sep 2003

Nothing like sending an email via contact us, then having someone elses question, answered and returned to your email box.You then notify the contact us,and explain their mistake, only to be informed that they will not answer you again.I am still waiting for my answer, to the question that I put to them. But as they have told me, they are not going to answer me!. Such is life(;o(

  [DELETED] 22:44 28 Sep 2003

I used to think the email had somehow gotten lost on-route.I was round a mates one day(he runs a Fishing Tackle shop)and his inbox icon was flashing away,I pointed it out and he simply muttered about "They are just after info on if I have any worms" and poured himself a cuppa and continued his coversation with another mate. :-)

  [DELETED] 23:45 28 Sep 2003

Whilst the example Chegs ® gives does seem a little bit crazy, it does make a valid point. To deal with a potential customer via email can take ages as you have to respond to several emails each asking a different question. If people were really that interested they would pick up the phone and the business would then sell them something.

Of course thats only true if the business actually knows the phone works and they can speak to people on it as well as hear it ringing ;)

  [DELETED] 23:58 28 Sep 2003

I used a "Contact us" e-mail to overclockers uk. I included a copy of an e-mail from AMD and asked them for their advice regarding the e-mail and for further information on a particular AMD CPU.

I also said, "If you have this CPU in stock, I will buy from you, Please send a order number, so that I may pay by Credit card".

The reply took 8 days and said. "We have no information on this CPU, please contact AMD"

Overclockers web-site list the AMD CPU and they recommend it for many systems!!

I was a little disappointed at their reply as they always seem to receive good feed-back on these forums. j.

  Forum Editor 00:03 29 Sep 2003

Why do they bother with a 'contact us' link?

When I visit clients' offices it's not that unusual for me to spot an inbox crammed with customer enquiries from the company web site 'contact us' link. Often, when I draw this to someone's attention I get an apathetic "Oh, that's Mandy's job, and she's away until next Thursday". Such is life in many a corporate sales office.

I used a web site 'contact us' link over five days ago, and I'm still waiting for a response. This from the leading company in its market sector in the UK.

There's not a lot one can say.........it's yet another symptom of the illness that afflicts many a British business nowadays - total apathy on the part of the customer-facing staff.

  [DELETED] 01:55 29 Sep 2003

There was a time when it was only manners to reply to written letters.Now it just seems to be an effort to reply.How many times in the past did you go for a job interview.If you wre uncessful you used to get a letter saying,sorry you were not offered the job ,but wish you success for the future.
Maybe I am just too old, but courtesy and manners cost nothing,but go along way in the art of communicating for business and pleasure.

  [DELETED] 06:20 29 Sep 2003

Due to moving house and my recent debacle with BT, I need another ISP for my broadband connection. I was looking at several and also Buldog's 2Mbps service.

Websites visited and "Contact Us" emails sent. None of the companies I was considering came back to me and so were immediately scrubbed off the list.

Now signed up with Nildram to be connected by Monday 6th!

If they cant make to effort to look after you when you want to give them business, what on earth are they going to be like when you need customer serives?????

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