Why does no-one respond to the 'contact us' button

  Shorty 21:17 28 Sep 2003

Over the last couple of months I have needed some information from 3 websites, so I (perhaps foolishly!) clicked on the contact us option. The e-mail goes to something like [email protected] and I have not had a response from any of them. Bearing in mind that I was intending to spend some money with at least one of the sites you would think they would bother to reply. So why bother to have a 'contact us' if they don't respond?

  spuds 22:42 28 Sep 2003

Nothing like sending an email via contact us, then having someone elses question, answered and returned to your email box.You then notify the contact us,and explain their mistake, only to be informed that they will not answer you again.I am still waiting for my answer, to the question that I put to them. But as they have told me, they are not going to answer me!. Such is life(;o(

  Forum Editor 00:03 29 Sep 2003

Why do they bother with a 'contact us' link?

When I visit clients' offices it's not that unusual for me to spot an inbox crammed with customer enquiries from the company web site 'contact us' link. Often, when I draw this to someone's attention I get an apathetic "Oh, that's Mandy's job, and she's away until next Thursday". Such is life in many a corporate sales office.

I used a web site 'contact us' link over five days ago, and I'm still waiting for a response. This from the leading company in its market sector in the UK.

There's not a lot one can say.........it's yet another symptom of the illness that afflicts many a British business nowadays - total apathy on the part of the customer-facing staff.

  Forum Editor 19:36 29 Sep 2003

I couldn't agree more. Many companies (and individuals) fail to understand just how important it can be - from a goodwill point of view - to communicate efficiently and courteously. If only more of them could grasp the simple fact that the way we communicate with one another is crucial to the success (or failure) of both business and personal relationships we would have a more successful economy. We would also have a better society.

  Shorty 16:14 30 Sep 2003

Whoa! Certainly stirred up a hot bed of unrest there ....

I guess the general consensus is 'contacus' is not the best way to go if you really really want an answer. If it is a general enquiry on products, services etc. go with the people who reply, forget the rest.

At least I am not alone in my rantings.

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