Why do I get Oct edition in the middle of August

  rawprawn 13:52 17 Aug 2003

Can anyone give me an explanation as to why PC Advisor sends out the October edition of it's magazine in August.

  Wes Tam ;-) 14:29 17 Aug 2003

To give us time to read it before the Xmas edition comes out in October ;o(

  rawprawn 15:07 17 Aug 2003

Well said,If they continue to keep gaining time at this rate if I die in December 2010, I shall have read all of 2011 issues before departing this earth. I suppose that is something to look forward to.

  DieSse 15:25 17 Aug 2003

"Can anyone give me an explanation......."

Because clearly all magazine publishers (not just in the computer field) seem to have had a lobotomy about publication dates.

Has to be that - there's no rational explanation, however they try and justify it.

  crx1600 15:28 17 Aug 2003

if they hadn't of slipped a 'spring' issue between march and april, you'd be reading the november edition now!

maybe there will be an autumn/winter issue soon,

  Aletank 15:52 17 Aug 2003

I think it gives it a longer shelf life, of 8 -10 weeks.
Some shops don't always have the latest edition, some people arn't aware of this,ocassional buyers, They see "The Oct edition" on the shelf in October and think its the latest and buy it.When infact its nearly 2 months out of date.
Thats my theary anyway - LOL

  Jester2K II 16:29 17 Aug 2003

Also (i think) PCa comes out every 4 weeks now instead of on the x of each month. That means 13 issues a year....

  rawprawn 17:42 17 Aug 2003

Jester2K 11, that can't be right as there are only 12 months in a year & each issue is labled by month, ie October 2003. It surely can't be cash flow as most subscribe in advance, or is it?
My wife takes Woman & Home & that is always a month early, I think it peculiar to magazines in general, but not helpful or advantageous to the subscriber.

  spuds 17:51 17 Aug 2003

It's all to do with the mind.Would you take a magazine off a newsagents shelf which had July on it, or take one that said October.Nothing like buying and reading out of date old news media.Think about it!.

Similar thoughts about pricing. Buy something for £4.99 instead of £5.00 and you have a bargain.That penny change always makes a difference.

  Jester2K II 17:55 17 Aug 2003

"each issue is labelled by month"

as crx1600 said

"if they hadn't of slipped a 'spring' issue between march and april, you'd be reading the november edition now!"

Unless Spring is a new month??

Check the issue list on the top right click here

Although Issue 92 April is not listed check the dates each issue comes out...

  Andybear 18:02 17 Aug 2003

This has long been a gripe of mine. I get a few monthly magazines (not all computer) and they all do this. To me, if a magazine comes out, say, in July then it should have July on it and not September.

Perhaps one of the PCA bods could give us an explanation as to why they do it?

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