Why arn't flat CRT's FLAT!!

  OU812 01:30 12 Jun 2004

Call me picky if you like but when I buy a "flat" CRT I expect it to be so.

So why is it that the lauded (in PC Adviser)Mitsubihi 93SB is so obviously curved.

You see been a cheapskape I decided that because I had a requirement for 2 monitors I would buy a 19' CRT to run alongside my 15' TFT (which is/was to be placed in another room as a glofified remote foe accessing the lossless audio from my Hi Fi which I have recently encoded on my PC).

Thank god for the distance selling regulations and the fact that I have I business in the area I brought it from next week (at 25 KG and a huge box I shudder to think at would it would cost me to send back by post/courier).

I was prepared (and have the desk space) to live with the bulk of one of theses things over a TFT but god almighty I dont expect to view an obviously curved screen.

Spleen vented I can now retire to bed!!

  ste_bla 06:01 12 Jun 2004

Im a bit confused due to the fact i have a flat crt cheap one from savastore, are you sure your ordered the right thing??

  961 08:22 12 Jun 2004

Looking at my 93SB from up above I suppose I can see a hint of a curve (as well as all the splashes of coffee etc) but I must say that there are lots of things about my computer set up I would moan about first, because sitting in the normal place it's as near flat as "can't tell the difference"

The quality of the picture certainly makes up for any curvature there may be

  €dstowe 08:31 12 Jun 2004

A completely flat screen would not be able to withstand the low pressure inside the CRT. A curve, however small is essential to maintain the structure of the tube otherwise it would be physically weak and liable to implode at slight provocation - with disastrous results for anyone sitting near to it.

  Stuartli 08:51 12 Jun 2004

Seems to be a case of a bit of over reaction - I've always had the feeling that flat screens tend to appear convex rather than concave when seen from slightly one side or the other.

Optical illusion no doubt, but I'm quite happy with my five-year-old 17in iiyama S702GT and the slight curve doesn't bother me.

Perhaps because I sit directly in front of it..:-)

  helmetshine 09:49 12 Jun 2004

I believe part of the reason is that the beam from the guns would hit the screen at different angles at the edges compared to the centre...imagine a torch aimed directly at a wall...a nice round spot....angle it upwards and it becomes an ellipse covering a greater area....on a monitor that would activate more pixels.Technology can compensate for this but technology costs money so the cheaper screens have a curvature instead which also lessens the effect

  The Spires 11:29 12 Jun 2004

I love my 19" Iiyama CRT, there are plus & minus points for just about every choice we make.

Fear not, new technology is just round the corner that will solve all this anguish about flat screens.
Eventually you will be able to connect the video output of your computer directly into a socket in the side of your head (USB2 of course); doing away with the need for any monitors of any type.

  OU812 12:32 12 Jun 2004

Thankyou for your comments, I look forward to having the usb implant when it becomes available Electron99.

I am suffering from a bout of 'cognitive dissonance' re this screen which basically means that because my high expectations have not been met, I am unlikely ever to be happy with it.

While I grant you in multimedia it is much better than my 15' TFT (MotoGP2 and some HD WMV demos look great).

However the point I was trying to make is that mfgs call these screens 'flat' when they are not indeed the only thing that is flat is the glass screen at the front of the monitor. I am also unhappy that it comes with a captive VGA cable since any problem with the cable and your having to send the whole thing back.

I'll never be happy with so its back in its box it goes.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:48 12 Jun 2004

I am speechless.


  OU812 12:56 12 Jun 2004

Why Mr G, do tell!!

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