Who was negligent?

  AdeJ 14:42 30 Apr 2003

This is on behalf of a pal. He ordered a strip of DDR memory from company X. The parcel arrived and the delivery note and label on the little plastic memory package both stated it was DDR RAM. He installed it without any trouble, flicked the switch and bang - nice puff of smoke and the Mobo was fried.

It turns out that the memory was in fact RD RAM. Company X were obviously negligent in labelling the memory incorrectly and delivering it, but my question is how easy would it be for someone to put RD RAM in a DDR RAM slot - he claims it was tight but no tighter than usual and he didn't need to force it at all, but having never used RD I'm not in a position to know and don't want my guns going off half cocked..

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:16 30 Apr 2003

He should not have been able to put RD Ram into a DDR slow as it has notches in different places.

Not wishing to accuse your pal of anything, I will say that no-one admits to doing anything wrong. Its easy to force something and to quickly wish you hadn't.

The fact that the wrong RAM was installed may not have been the reason why the mobo failed.

I expect that the only thing he could get back from company X is the money for the RAM, or the correct one. They will no doubt have a limitation cluase in any warranty/contract which means they are not responsible for the damage caused.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:42 30 Apr 2003

Incorrect RAM would a) not cause the mobo to go west and b) not fit in. Even if it did fit in the computer would not recognise it.


  AdeJ 18:19 30 Apr 2003

Thought so - curious as hell now as to what he actually did!

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