Who sez shoppin ain?t dangerous ??

  TBH1 14:48 28 Jul 2003

I?ve just had probably the worst experience I?ve ever had whilst shopping for computer bits - - - well, shopping full stop as it happens.

Last Thursday I purchased, from a local computer shop, an IDE cable - - it was one of those new fangled round things with 3 connectors. When I installed into my PC, I noticed the BIOS wasn?t showing anything on the primary/slave channel. I went to disconnect the plug on the slave drive and it came away from the cable !!!

Today I took said cable back to the shop, explained what had happened and asked for a replacement. The assistant refused point- blank saying as though I had broken it, it had been ?physically abused? !!!! I argued my case saying it was faulty when I bought it, it had never worked and again, asked for an exchange. This guy went into the back and bought another guy out ( who had heard all of this ) - -yet again I stated my case . This guy then said he would exchange it ?as a favour? - - - when I stated that I didn?t want the round one but a more conventional flat one, he produced said flat one, banged it on the counter and told me to go. This replacement was £1-50 cheaper than the on I bought and I said I wanted the difference ( bloody ?minded I know ) and he told me there was no-chance of that happening. I argued with him , but as I was getting nowhere I turned to walk out the shop, telling him he hadn?t heard the last of this. He then called me back and said he had changed his mind and wasn?t gonna give me a replacement after all and wanted the flat one back !!! Of course I refused but then he said he wouldn?t let me out of the shop ? its one of those shops where they let you in and, hopefully out !! I gave him back the flat one, he then gave me a new round one - - again I said I didn?t want a round one as they appear faulty around that middle connector. He said it was my choice, the flat one or the round one, with no money changing hands.

I reluctantly accepted the flat one, and he let me out of the shop. I got a note book and pencil out of my pocket and was just writing the details of the shop when these two guys rushed out the shop, accused me of shop-lifting and demanded I return to the shop. There was no way that was gonna happen; they prevented me from walking away, demanding the property that was in my pocket ( their words) be returned to them and shouting to all who would listen that I was a shop-lifter and that they were going to call the police. I told them that was fine; in fact as the verbal abuse was getting worse and, in my mind, the threat of physical abuse imminent, I called 999 and requested assistance - ( I am a 49 year old guy, not particularly wimpy, but not particularly brave either ). At this, they went back into the shop ? the police came maybe 15 minutes later, I told them my story, these guys told the other officer theirs and - - - - - nothing. I told the police I was unhappy at being locked in the shop, I was unhappy at being called a shop-lifter in front of loads of people (these having disappeared by the time the police arrived) - - meanwhile the other officer came out of the shop and said the guy who called me a shoplifter didn?t really meant it !!!! Wow - - -that makes things all right then.

Now if I was a very rich man, I would take this further - - - and if I was a very brave man, I would mention the shop !! I will say that it?s in the Erdington area though.

Sorry I?ve gone on a bit - - - - had to tell someone.

  Aspman 14:53 28 Jul 2003

Thought about writing to a local paper or going into the CAB?

I wouldn't want to get treated like that and let them off.

  TBH1 15:14 28 Jul 2003

Aspman - - -I'm so angry right now, just don't know what to do about them yet.

Well, the lengths you have to go through to get a replacement cable -

Assult - the apprehension of physical contact.

Battery - The actual Contact.

False Imprisonment.


Perhaps the long wait while Dabs, Ebuyer et al get their returns sorted is not so bad after all!

  chrishillcoat 17:51 28 Jul 2003

Get one of those life-savers they use in swimming pools with the long pole on the end... wait till the door opens and hook your prize without having to go into the shop!

Adds interest to the shopping process as well :-)

  Forum Editor 18:41 28 Jul 2003

The whole story shows just how rapidly a situation can escalate, once it starts rolling.

The fact is - there's nothing whatsoever you can do about it, except smoulder for a while and then forget it. I doubt that you'll go to the same shop again, so it's their loss in the end.

  Mango Grummit 19:15 28 Jul 2003

I've always thought, since my youth, that reaching old age seems to have no real point and indeed not to have much going for it at all. Now I think it has. Hopefully by the time this country has become totally sick and dangerous I will be long gone.

We can only sympathise TBH1. It does not matter where you look the whole country is in a fast state of decline in almost every respect.

  TBH1 19:38 28 Jul 2003

chrishillcoat - -good call mate, probably the only thing I can do. I've got one of those big stick thingies that opens the windows - - - will that do ???

  AdeJ 19:41 28 Jul 2003

I'm just down the road from Erdington - sticking to online shops now..!

  TBH1 20:05 28 Jul 2003

Adej - -you probably know the shop I'm on about then , just up the road from the cake-shop. Like you, probably stick to online stores - -you can't get locked in them can you ???

  spuds 23:22 28 Jul 2003

Plenty of legal firms, advertising for client like you, on a no win, no pay basis. Thought about contacting one of them.

But in reality, best if you put it down to a very bad experience, shocking that it maybe. It would probably end in further headaches alround if you pursued this matter.

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