Who makes barebones systems?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:24 21 Apr 2005

I am looking to buy a new barebones PC.

What I want is this:





Processor / heatsink

all assembled and tested.

What I have:

2 x hard disks

dvd-rw drive

dvd ROM drive

graphics card.

So, can anyone point me towards a vendor who will supply what I want ready assembled and tested? I would go for novatech but they are very limited - only 300w PSUs. I don't really want to go down the road of self assembly.

Thanks as always, Dio.

  Ceri.E 11:50 21 Apr 2005

Sean Crawford [mailto:[email protected]]

Ceri Evans

  pj123 13:16 21 Apr 2005

I build computers on an "as and when" basis for a friend. If he is busy I get work, if he isn't busy I don't.

Give him a look on click here

Look at Bundles.

Don't be afraid to give him a ring. I'm sure he will make whatever you want, even if he farms it out to me.

  stylehurst 14:13 21 Apr 2005

Try Novatech

  Diemmess 16:47 21 Apr 2005

Your point about Novatech is a good one. I have been tempted both by their offers and many previous good experiences with them in the past.

Novatech (I think wisely) seem to limit their stock range to something they can handle, and avoid too many variations trying to please everyone. It seems to work well enough because they are willing to support their customers to a degree which puts some famous names in the shade

Ceri.E and pj123 offer small private concerns wich may well be your answer. I wonder if you have a trusted shop locally?

I say this because living in a largely rural area we were badly served by a couple of small businesses in nearby towns, which were either clueless or very expensive prices on components.

That was until last year, when a new shop opened in the nearest small town, with a good stock, very informed part owner/salesman. Their prices are keen enough to balance the cost from somewhere like Novatech plus a carrier charge, which obviously doesn't apply if you can go and choose, sheltered by good advice as well.

  bigray 17:11 21 Apr 2005

click here try this good reputation

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:06 21 Apr 2005

Don't forget ebuyer click here - they do some great barebones systems. As above - Novatech are also good.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:12 21 Apr 2005

I meant komplett not ebuyer click here Please excuse me while I go and lie down for a bit.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:13 21 Apr 2005

try this click here

  Diodorus Siculus 21:24 21 Apr 2005

Thanks for those; I will take a look and let you know.

As I stated originally, I don't want Novatech because they only supply 300W PSUs and I am sure that I will need more power than that. Apart from that limitation, I like novatech a lot and use them quite a lot for bits and pieces for friends.

  jack 21:36 21 Apr 2005

There is somewhere on an industrial estate near you a systems builder who's clients are local companies
Schools Colleges and local authorites and the like.
Having compiled your wish list. Seek one out in Yellow pages and see what is what.
This is what I did and not only did they supply components at good prices, but 'hand held me during self build and offered to debug at a fair price - as it happened I did not need this- but some time later ,full of trojans- I got them to low level format and set me up again.- That was three years ago, this old
lady only yesterday han a memory injection for good work and faithful service

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