who has a MP3 player ?

  thisisnighthawk 10:18 21 Feb 2004

hi all, just on the point of getting a mp3 player, i was all set on the creative zen-xtra, then read about the software, so i looked at the Iriver range, and now we are going from one to the other and more confused than ever, could you tell me what you have, nothing like hearing first hand what they are like.... thanks

  wjrt 12:25 21 Feb 2004

have a Creative Rhomba, supplied earpiece speakers difficult to keep in place, apart from that great after uprating to Koss sport speakers. easy to load and great sounds. Dabs at present seem to be doing a deal on Creative Jukebox 2 for £124.99 for 10GB Hdd quicklink 27R1DM

  rickf 13:01 21 Feb 2004

Hi, I have two Creative Zens NX, one 20g and the other 30g, and the software is a cinch to use. No probs at all abd really fast. I am running XP Os if thqat helps. I can fully recommend it from experience.

  thisisnighthawk 13:50 21 Feb 2004

thanks for that, the creative ones do seem very popular..

  tbh72 14:24 21 Feb 2004

Ummm I have an MPMANN it uses Smartmedia and has 32mb of built in memory..... It connect's to the PC via the parallel port. I've had it for years!!!

  kinger 15:11 21 Feb 2004

Apple I-Pod here, apart from the way the battery won't hold it's charge when not in use, it's perfect.

Large HDD, great sound, small and light, fantastic i-tunes software.

Just have to keep it fully charged each day.

Probably a little pricey too.

  thisisnighthawk 15:25 21 Feb 2004

is it not a case of getting another battery, mind you, i see that on the iriver ones it can not be replaced....

  rickf 15:54 21 Feb 2004

The creative uses replaceable batteries as well. The price is £28 from their site not bad considering what Apple are charging.

  Boluwd 16:10 21 Feb 2004

I have the Creative (Nomad) Jukebox 3, 20Gb. I like it, excellent sound quality and "optical in" as well. The Creative software is ok; does its job, but you could buy the Notmad software from RedChair software which gets excellent reviews. Mine is a firewire connection...very fast.There is also space to install a second battery to double the "life". My only regrets is that I didn't get a larger capacity harddrive but according to the Nomadness website it's not too difficult to upgrade. Check out their web site
click here

  kinger 16:20 21 Feb 2004

I've just learned that I can send it away for a new battery but the cost is £70.00 - ho hum

  brendanphelan 22:06 21 Feb 2004

I have one of the original Zens with usb and firewire. Aside from some firewire driver problems originally it works brilliantly. The included software can be a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it works adequately.

The player itself is great. Volume is exceptionally loud, and battery life is great(imho). The only downside is the lcd is a little bit too small, oh and of course the included headphones are rubbish. I ditched them for a decent in ear, and since then over ear(clip on) headphones.

My opinions are based on a comparison to an Archos 6000 which I had previously and had a terrible user experience with it (though thats another story altogether, wouldnt recommend buying an archos!!!).


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