kwang 16:35 13 May 2004

I am recovering from the stress of getting a DELL laptop repaired after the guarantee period ran out.

I was given a few apologies during the 30-day process but have had no reply from DELL to my detailed letter of complaint listing some 42 unanswered or unhelpful telephone calls.

I would welcome advice on the name of the person I should complain to in DELL.

I had a similar experiece with DELL a year or so ago and am now looking at Evesham to replace a desktop and laptop. DELL equipment is good value and their Indian technical services are superb, as too are a several of their local staff, but I cannot face the one or two in Ireland who are ruining DELL’s repair services and its reputation.

  Forum Editor 18:45 13 May 2004

Your laptop was out of guarantee when you had it repaired.

Dell repaired it - the process took 30 days.

During that time you had a "few apologies" - presumably for the time it was taking.

I assume that the machine is now working well?

You wrote to Dell to complain......, but what about? I have to confess that 42 phone calls in 30 days is an awful lot - what were you phoning about?

What is it that you expect from Dell now?

If you can provide a little more detail it might help us to get a perspective on what went wrong. It's not unheard of for a laptop repair to take that long by the way.

  tunny 20:34 13 May 2004

I posted here regarding Dell.I've marked it as resolved but in all truths it never was. I made several phone calls to them e-mailed them and got plenty of promises that they would phone, they never did. Gave them up as a bad job and went and bought a Compaq.

  Chronos 21:57 13 May 2004

as regards kwang's complaint i really have lost the plot...perhaps someone out there will tell me what the problem is.........

laptop went down the kermit, out of warranty, Dell repairs said laptop, back now all working.


  kwang 21:57 16 May 2004

Many thanks for your response. The 42 phone calls were mostly failed attempts to find out what had happened when promised telephone calls had not been received by me. They also included my attempts to reply to questions left on my answer phone: information on a repair quote, on my proposed method of payment, and on an unnamed problem with the repair. Unfortunately, the direct line numbers for replying to were all answered by answer phone.

I was complaining about this impenetrability - giving the numbers involved. One crucial number was the same one that had brought me apologies from DELL during an identical unhappy experience last year.

At the end of this sad saga, a person apologised profusely and offered to give me a two-year on-site maintenance agreement free of charge on my repaired laptop. I accepted with thanks but want to get this in writing. When I phoned the number I got an answer phone of someone else’s phone. I also wanted DELL to stop the need for some personnel to have their answer phones on all day.

  kwang 14:38 18 May 2004

Is the removal of this thread from Consumer Watch because I am complaining about DELL?

On the previous occasion I mentioned, one of your editors helped by giving me the name of someone senior to approach in DELL; the gentleman who was trying to improve customer services proved to be very helpful.

Is this no longer possible because DELL are a regular advertiser in PC Advisor?

  €dstowe 14:47 18 May 2004

The three posts from kwang appear to have little relationship to each other save them being about Dell - and where does the post from tunny fit into this?

I'm with chronos here except I don't think it's me who's lost the plot.

  mdshamilton 15:22 18 May 2004

Can I suggest you call Dell's usually helpful Customer Services Dept, located in India? There may very well be a note against your order or customer number about the 2 yr warranty - if not then they should be able to identify the person you spoke to from the number you have and query it with them. Once the full facts are known and they understand the problem and the resolution you want, Dells' Customer Service is usually excellent.

  kwang 20:32 22 May 2004

Following an additional five telephone calls and several tens of minutes queueing, I have now received confirmation that I have been awarded a two-year NBD home call warranty for any repairs on my out-of-warranty laptop. DELL agreed that the 40+ useless phone calls and the consequent delays warranted some compensation. I am happy to accept this offer.

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