Who can you trust-TINY?DELL?MESH?

  New Neophyte 16:41 31 Jan 2005

Leapfrog? MESH? DELL? TINY? Help!

Every forum seems to contain any number of scare stories about poor standards from suppliers both major and minor.
Romulus and to an extent this forum scares me off DELL, MESH and TINY-three companies I was considering for a forthcoming purchase of a £1000ish PC, good all-rounder, decent games performance, able to carry out standard office tasks. Should be easy, right?

Leapfrog gets generally good press, whoever they are, as does Poweroid. Do tell!

Help! Any suggestions? I recognise that no company is perfect, but when you're spending good money, it seems to me to be reasonable to expect some decent kit and equally decent after sales service-can that be found?

I've used DELL in the past and have had no problems. Maybe one should just stick to what one knows?

All feedback gratefully received.



  Starfox 17:09 31 Jan 2005

Quote "I've used DELL in the past and have had no problems. Maybe one should just stick to what one knows? "

Think you have answered your own question there.

  Starfox 17:11 31 Jan 2005

If it's a games pc you want you wont do better than these click here

  opbadboy 17:17 31 Jan 2005

mesh seem okay to me, just don't go near Tiny!!

  New Neophyte 17:30 31 Jan 2005

Starfox-maybe I have, but then again a couple of decent experences is no guarantee that things might not go the shape of the pear this time!

You recommend a company I've never heard of-prices/spec seem OK though-thanks

OP-there's a guy from TINY on this forum a lot who seems very reasonable-yet a few people have warned me off of the company. It's no wonder I'm confused.


  ened 17:35 31 Jan 2005

Well I wouldn't touch Dell - others wouldn't go near Mesh.

Each to his own.

Why not build your own? Plenty of help in this forum if you need it.

  New Neophyte 17:42 31 Jan 2005

What's your bad experience of DELL Ened?

Build my own? Yer 'avin' a larf!


  shellship 17:42 31 Jan 2005

One way or the other my family and I must have had 7 or 8 Dells over the years. Never had a problem with any of them.

  Starfox 18:19 31 Jan 2005

There are some people who have purchased Tiny machines and had no problems at all, the problems seem to arise when things go wrong, and the £1 per minute tech support seems to be a joke, you have obviously seen the Romulus 2 version of Tiny = "Tough Now It's Yours".
You have to make your decision on what facts are availiable to you regards price, quality, recommendation etc. As for the company I gave you in the link I have found them to be very efficient, trustworthy and they provide top quality machines, I have recommended them to seven of my friends and they are all delighted with them, but that is not to say that there is some-one out there who was dissatisfied with them.

Just make your choice and go for it, the chances are you will not be dissapointed, you could become paranoid by reading all these bad comments in various forums.

You could also do a lot worse than PC World.

Regards Starfox.

  Forum Editor 18:48 31 Jan 2005

why our forum "scares me off DELL, MESH and TINY" - especially in view of the fact that you say you were considering all three companies as possible suppliers of your new computer.

Surely you must realise that the complaints you see about these companies represent a tiny percentage of the total number of computers supplied by them - Dell is the world's largest manufacturer of PCs for instance.

This subject probably crops up more often than anything else in Consumerwatch, and if you ask a question like yours you will get the self-same response as the hundreds of people who have been there before you. Some people will say "Buy from X, they're great" Some will say "Buy from Y, you won't regret it" and some will say "I wouldn't touch Z with a bargepole again".

They are saying that because that's their personal opinion, based on their personal experience, and frankly you'll be none the wiser at the end of it. Almost all the complaints we see in this forum relate in some way to unsatisfactory customer service experiences - often (but not always) a component has failed, or doesn't work as it should, and the person concerned has had difficulties getting what he/she thinks is a satisfactory response from the supplier. Sometimes the customer is the cause of the problem - perhaps he/she has installed some new hardware device that has caused a conflict, or has installed some software that's incompatible with the operating system, or has fiddled with the settings.

Bear all these factors in mind when evaluating the replies you get, and make your decision based on your personal assessment - don't make assumptions, and don't be deterred from using a particular company simply because you've see a few bad reports in a computer forum. These companies are selling thousands of computers each month, and the vast majority work perfectly for a long time - relatively few people ever need to contact the customer service department.

  New Neophyte 19:31 31 Jan 2005

Well said Forum Editor.The logical part of me agrees-but there's still a fearful little section that is sacred witless.

As regards TINY, I think the £1 a minute tech support is the deciding factor-this seems an extortionate amount, and says nothing good about the company. It's profiteering, pure and simple, and that one has to uninstall TINY's own ISP is a disgrace. The customer gets to choose, right?

MESH still seem to offer a pretty good range, are a well-known company, although I gather Pinnacle can cause problems with other software. Anyone know otherwise?

I'm leaning towards DELL as a safeish option. I will probably look at PC World too-at least I can go back and shout at someone if stuff goes wrong!

Thanks all for your insights. Keep 'em coming.


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