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  brindly 17:52 04 Jul 2011

I have a SONY VAIO Desk top all in one VGC-2VS. It had been having a few glitches recently; like PINNICLE not responding a couple of times which is irritating and some web pages that wouldn't move to a second page and generaly slowing down so i thought i would take it to our local IT shop for a tune-up and some extra RAM. When i got it home the first time, plugged in and started up this message appeared "NTLDR is missing press ctl-alt-delete to re start" and nothing, so back it goes. Then i get a phone call saying something about needing a complete re-install and an extra £40. I reluctantly agreed because he told me using my recovery discs wouldn't work. Get it back home second time, nothing only a different message. Back it goes and they say it will take more than a few minutes to fix, they will let me know when it is ready and they will bring it back and install it. Sorry this is so long, coming to the good bit now. back it comes, he sets it up switches on and low and behold I have a bog standard computer, they have removed everything SONY VAIO that was on the machine which is why we paid a premium price for it. It will be much faster now he said, of course it will it hasn't got anything on it. I have lost the ability to play and record TV/Video and many other nice technical attributes. I have given them one last chance to restore my machine to it previous operating system or its off to the Small Claims Court. They call themselves experts!The irony is it wasn't that bad.

  Forum Editor 17:56 05 Jul 2011

"it seems now they do want the recovery discs.What can this mean?"

It means they want to do what I asked about in my previous post - they want to restore your computer to its factory state; something you could quite easily have done yourself.

It sounds to me as if you have been told all kinds of things, some of which may be correct, and some that may not. Without a full explanation of exactly what was wrong in the first place, and what was done to rectify matters it's extremely difficult to offer definitive advice.

You keep referring to a 'Premium computer' being reduced to a 'bog standard'one, but that's not the case at all - your computer's hardware configuration is no different, in fact it has been enhanced by the addition of extra RAM. The Sony branded software that's missing is easily reinstalled, and that will be done when the system restore disks are used.

Please don't be influenced by someone who tells you that you will not get your system disks back - there's absolutely no justification for saying that.

  woodchip 22:53 05 Jul 2011

I think the way he as been treated speaks for its self, on what will happen to is discs

  brindly 07:34 08 Jul 2011

Forum Editor: I am afraid I have lost all confidence in this particular company, nothing is certain in this life, there is no guarentee they will be able to restore everything, if they can why are they taking so long; when i did a recovery it took about two hours. You probably know what you are talking about what you say about the configuration, that doesn't change the fact that they wiped everything off that i bought the computer for and i could no longer use it for what i had been using it for since i bought it, plus they keep making different excuses why it is not working as it should. With regard to them enhancing my machine well I paid dearly for the minimul improvement and that is yet to be proved.Too late i have already given them the discs. He told me we would get the computer back yesterday when he picked them up, another lie, all in all 11 working days and still counting. Incidently PC World told me they would do a recovery for £30 but because i wasn't sure what damage had been done I let the original firm do it.

  spuds 10:46 08 Jul 2011


I know its no consolation to you at this present time, regarding the problem that you have. But people do get very disheartened when event happen like this, which appears to be on the increase. And the major problem in most cases is one of who do you trust next. I think most of us have been there, on a far too regular basis.

Anyway, lets hope this problem resolves itself in the not to distant future. You can only hope but try!.

As a point of curiosity, is the people that you are dealing with a one man band set-up, or something much larger with credentials?.

  brindly 12:51 08 Jul 2011

Thank for that spuds. It is a computer shop with workshop facilities two man(people) plus a receptionist who appears to be non conversant with computer speak, she call installing programs "stuff". It is also a internet cafe and they have some big screens on the wall with large sofa in front, for gaming i immagine. They also advertise in the internet that they do corporate work; so quite impressive. The problem for me was I kept seeing complaints against PC World teck department that I thought best stay clear. I have been promised the return today but i won't hold my breath.Let you know the outcome.

  brindly 19:32 08 Jul 2011

Well, when he picked up the recovery discs he said " i will have it back to you this afternoon" that was Wednesday, no he didn't. I called in on them today at one o clock and he said he would get it to me today and he would install it, no he didn't, so thats twelve working days, is that a record?

  brindly 11:52 10 Jul 2011

Just to let everyone know i now have my computer back and it is back to its old self, i have tested everything on it and the only thing not working is it won't recognise my Sony handycam in Pinnacle. It uses an iLink cable and port (firewire) so I will have to ask a question in the help to see if there is a way of checking if its the camera or the port.

Thanks for your interest and thank goodness there is no small claims court, i will steer clear of this firm though.

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