which webcam?

  uok 18:50 29 Dec 2003

After returning a webcam because of poor video recording (ghosting) I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction as to which is a good one and where to get one or could someone tell me a web site where webcams are reviewed.

Thanking you in anticipation Uok

Windows xp
Pentium 4 cpu 2.6
512 mb ram
120 hard drive
Internet explorer 6
USB 2.0

  rickf 19:38 29 Dec 2003

Just got the Creative NX Pro and its fantastic. Up and running in a few minutes and works well with MSN in both sound anad video. Dabs.com for £28.

  uok 14:34 02 Jan 2004

thanks rickf

as you advised in your e-mail i bought the
phillips Toucan Pro II USB Webcam
and it is very good no ghosting.

many thanks


  rickf 15:08 02 Jan 2004

No probs mate, Glad being able to help.Where did you buy it from?

  David-235429 16:56 02 Jan 2004

Although I havent tried it yet, I have just bought a Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000. Was £89.99 in PC World but £39.99 in Currys, much cheaper than I could find it on any internet site!!

  PC Advice Sir 07:44 04 Jan 2004

Re: Above...

Me too! I read some fair reviews online about it, critiscism's were related to setting up/software, after a few teething probs, it seems to be okay now.

I'm sure I saw a 'Best Buy' review of this somewhere but unable to locate at the moment

*Nice face tracking feature & good quality image.

  anchor 16:43 04 Jan 2004

PC Advice Sir:

Yes, you have seen this as a "Best Buy" in 2003, in one of the many other PC mags. My friend has one, and its excellent. At £39.99 is a real bargain.

  anchor 16:46 04 Jan 2004

I have found what the review said:

Top-quality hardware and a fantastic software bundle fully justify the relatively high price of this webcam. It can capture still images at 1,280x960 resolution and video at 640x480 with superb results. MGI's PhotoSuite and VideoWave software take care of photo and video editing, while the Logitech IM software suite covers video email and broadcasting, motion detection and animation. The built-in microphone makes it easy to add sound to captured video - and £80 really isn't too much to pay for the best image quality and software bundle around.

  G0rdon 18:45 07 Jan 2004

my personal experience is avoid logitech; from all the comments and trouble's i've had trying to help neighbours etc fix computers - the logitech software is total pap, and the camera's seem overpriced. 'intel' do good cameras generally speaking; but if you want top end sharpness in pictures you need to pay more; otherwise dont pay over £25/30 max for a webcam - at the end of the day it's not gonna make yer life better, if it's just for msn etc

  PC Advice Sir 19:27 15 Jan 2004


Thanks for the useful info, it confirms that it was a good buy at £39.99

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