Which of these two 5.1 PCI Sound Cards please ?

  Tinkey Winkey 17:12 30 Aug 2004

Looking at:

Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 PCI OEM £17.10(Ebuyer)click here

Innovision Audio Extreme 5.1 PCI Retail box £12.99(Dabs)click here

Are these cards better than my existing Creative SB 4.1 ?

Will they work with new games e.g Doom 3 ?

Which is the better card please ?

  ste_bla 18:40 30 Aug 2004

If your current one works okay why not keep it?

  Tinkey Winkey 22:55 30 Aug 2004

I'm rebuilding another PC which I will need a sound card for and was wondering which card to put in which pc.

  hugh-265156 23:33 30 Aug 2004

i have a soundblaster live digital 5.1 and run it through a home cinema amp, sound quality is great with games and dvds, cant fault it for the price.

any 5.1 card will be 'better' than the 4.1 card in the sense that you will now have a centre channel to look after speach and on screen effects. providing you have an amp and 5 speakers + sub or a 5.1 pc speaker set up.

if you only have or want two speaker stereo then keep your old card.

  Stuartli 09:41 31 Aug 2004

Apart from the fact that I have a SoundBlaster Live! I would recommend that as the choice in any case.

Creative has specialised in sound cards for many years and has the full support to back up the purchase afterwards.

If you just happen to have any problems with a Creative some one, somewhere will quickly be able to solve it for you.

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