Which tablet for primarily music

  jamie3598345834 06:21 09 Sep 2014


I am going to buy a tablet. I do not have one right now, below is a list of my general requirements and I am looking for some advice on what to get.

  1. Music - I have about 20Gb of music I would like to have on the new device. To replace an ipod used at home.
  2. News reading / blogs - would like a decent news reading experience.
  3. General internet surfing.
  4. Viewing photos - again I have about 10 gb of photos I might like to have on there.
  5. Viewing youtube videos, I'm not bothered about viewing movie on it.

Nexus seems a reasnoable choice but I am put off by the lack of a memory expansion slot of any sort.

I'd prefer an android product to apple, as I am a bit wary of being locked into the apple eco system.

Device will be used primarily at home, but occasionally out and about.

I was thinking of a single device, but I suppose (this literally just occured to me) I could set up some sort of central hard drive which the device could get content from around the home.

Any recommendations ?


  The Kestrel 09:22 09 Sep 2014

The latest versions of the Nexus range of tablets are to become available soon. Chances are they will include a memory expansion slot, so perhaps worth holding fire on buying for a while.

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