Which tablet PC should I consider for my parents?

  SharonGilmore 17:30 31 Oct 2012

I'd like to buy my parents a tablet PC for Christmas. They have a laptop, but they're not that great at using the mouse, and they get frustrated that it takes so long to start up. They've used iPads before and seemed to get the hang of them pretty well. My mum is fairly tech-savvy, as she uses a computer in work, and my dad is ok as long as stuff is explained to him!

They would most likely use it for surfing the web, maybe buying things from Amazon, showing off photos, watching iPlayer, reading the odd book and possibly listening to music. If it had a camera card slot so they could just copy photos straight from the camera, that'd be great, but it's not a big problem if not, as they can transfer them from the laptop.

I'm looking at the iPad 2 (the new iPad is way over budget), but wondered whether there are decent alternatives? I think they need a decent screen size, so something like the Nexus 7 would be too small, I think. It needs to be reasonably easy to download apps (so I can talk them through it over the phone!); the range of apps is not critical, as long as the basics are there.

Anyone have any advice? Thanks!

  [email protected] 21:06 31 Oct 2012

You say the Nexus 7 is too small - are you aware that the Nexus 10 has just been announced and is due to be released very shortly? Have a look at it at here:


It is built to take on the ipad 4, but priced much more competitively at £319.

  SharonGilmore 11:13 01 Nov 2012

Thanks, that looks good... I'll check out reviews once it's on sale. I was impressed by the Nexus 7, but was mainly concerned that the screen size was too small, so that looks like a great option.

  Forum Editor 11:52 01 Nov 2012

Everything I have seen and heard about the Nexus 10 has been good. On the face of it the new Nexus is going to mount a serious challenge to the iPad.

The 32gb version - which is the one you'll really want - will sell for £389, making it £90 cheaper than the iPad.

It doesn't (currently) come with 3G, so connectivity is limited to WiFi networks and hotspots. That's a deterrent as far as I'm concerned, but your parents will probably not need to be online in the middle of a field.

It's thin, it's light, it's powerful, and the display quality is superb. Providing the build quality is up to scratch, what's not to like? For your purposes it would be ideal - and that's coming from an iPad owner!

You can read more about the Nexus 10 here

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