Which tablet to buy - the old Nexus 7, the new one, or the Fonepad

  Sago48 08:51 28 Sep 2013

I have an IPhone 4S which is good for short emails and brief uses of internet stuff via apps, but the screen is basically too small for any real browsing and complex work emails are just a bit difficult.

So I was thinking about buying a Nexus 7 for home (on the sofa) and travel use - browsing, email etc - and came across the Nexus 7, which seemed better than the iPad mini and a lot cheaper. Then I saw there is a new Nexus 7 for about £50 more, and then the Asus Fonepad for about £35 more.

Now I'm undecided. I see that the Fonepad has 3G, which I might use, but it also seems that the new 32gig Nexus 7 can have 3G too (is this correct?). I see that the processor speed and the graphics of the new 7 are by far the best of the three, but they all get good reviews.

I'm aware that Android kit won't synch with my iPhone, but I don't really want a 10" tablet and the iPad mini seems a bit inferior and costs more. I've wondered about buying an Android tablet, switching to a cheap Android phone (I've got a sim only contract) and selling the iPhone, which is unlocked.

I'd welcome views on this, including any views about other tablets that might be a better bet.


  chub_tor 19:13 30 Sep 2013

Can't answer all of your points but certainly you can have 3G on the Nexus 7 Click Here

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