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  conrail 14:48 04 Aug 2012

Hi guys, wife has hinted she would like, quote "one of these electronic books for Christmas", I believe she means a kindle or similar, looking for advice on which one to get her, kindle is the only one I have heard of, what are the pros and cons of these tablets I believe they are called, sorry if I appear ignorant but no idea about them, all help and advice appreciated.

  wee eddie 15:21 04 Aug 2012

Two entirely different things.

The Kindle is an Electronic Book, and is roughly the same size as the smaller variety of Tablet, there are about half a dozen different types.

A Tablet is a type of hand held computer which runs the Android Operating System rather than Windows. There are hundreds on the market, both 10" and 7".

  dms_05 16:53 04 Aug 2012

I run a Kindle and an Android Tablet. If your wife wants to read books then the Kindle (or similar from the likes of Sony) is likely to be the best because it is most suited to different lighting conditions. This is because a Kindle has a screen that closely resembles a book with printed words on a white background and can be read even in the brightest of lights outdoors.

All Tablets have a screen rather like your TV screen that glows and you read the words that way - this system works badly in the brightest lit conditions. It's also said that Tablet back illuminated screens are more tiring on the eyes but that may be only in some cases.

You can buy books from various sources and they suit the device you have bought. Kindle is an Amazon product and I have found their interface to be superb. I'm sure others have had similar experiences with Google and other sellers so I don't think that should be a deciding factor.

My Kindle has WiFi so you can connect to your router and download books that way. Your local Library may even have eBooks available (mine does) and I can download direct from their web pages.

Kindle work straight from the box and require little user support so are ideal for those not interested in technology. It does have a very basic Internet Browser that will allow access to simple pages via it's WiFi connection. They are also widely available for under £100.

Go and have a look at some.

  conrail 19:37 04 Aug 2012

thanks wee eddie and dms_05, shows my knowledge or lack of, I appreciate you putting me right, I have only heard of Kindle, I will look into the other options although Kindle will probably be the one, I have used Amazon for years and never had a problem. again thank to you both for your time and advice, I appreciate it.

  ams4127 20:01 04 Aug 2012

Like dms_05, I run both a Kindle and an iPad. The iPad also has a Kindle app so that any books you download from Amaazon show up on both. I have found that after reading a book for about an hour on the iPad, my eyes get sore and I get a headache. The Kindle allows me to read for hours without any problem.

I also prefer taking a £100 Kindle to the beach rather than a £400 iPad!

  Woolwell 22:16 05 Aug 2012

I have a Sony e-reader and my wife a Kindle. I am not tied to Amazon but not sure that I have as good a choice. Amazon publish in a different format than that for the Sony. Getting epubs for the Sony onto an iPad is difficult if there are digital management restrictions. Major plus for e-readers compared to a tablet is that battery lasts for days if not weeks.

  Forum Editor 00:01 06 Aug 2012

To be strictly correct.... The Kindle isn't an electronic book, it's a book reader - commonly called an e-book reader.

In my opinion it's by far the best e-reader on the market.

If you are likely to want to buy e-books when travelling, try to go for the version with 3G access. This will enable you to download a book within minutes, more or less anywhere in the world. Amazon runs its own 'Whispernet' that you use - free of charge - to do the downloading. You can use the Kindle to access the Amazon e-book catalogue, choose your book, and be reading it on your Kindle within two or three minutes.

You can use the Kindle to store PDF documents, and for email. The web browser is pretty basic, but it works. You can also store and play MP3 tracks. Your Kindle will hold around 3000 books, depending on their size, but I wouldn't recommend storing anywhere near that number - it would slow the Kindle to a crawl. Around 400/500 would be an ideal maximum as far as I'm concerned, I would start deleting books once I reached that number. If you delete a book from your kindle it isn't lost forever; all your book purchases are archived for you by Amazon, and you can download them again as many times as you like.

If you buy and read books on a regular basis you'll wonder how on earth you managed without a Kindle,quite apart from realising that you're saving a small fortune.

  DeviantYouTubeMan 09:10 08 Aug 2012

What's your budget? And have you tried looking at other tablets like Asus Google Nexus 7 and Nook by Barnes and Noble?

Compare before you decide. Check out this comparison

Google Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0


  Greyson 14:21 09 Aug 2012

I bought my girlfriend Kindle and was surprised she wanted tablet. I thought it was great idea as she adores reading and spend too much on it. But she wanted tablet actually. So as your are not experienced in all this stuff, you'd question her and than decide. If she needs only reading, choose Kindle. And don-t bother yourself with looking for all unnecessary stuff as wi-fi. Only perverts use readers for surfing internet, imho.

  Forum Editor 22:44 09 Aug 2012

If she needs only reading, choose Kindle. And don-t bother yourself with looking for all unnecessary stuff as wi-fi.

All Kindles have WiFi built in, so what's the point in saying it's unecessary? It's how you get the books.

"Only perverts use readers for surfing internet, imho." is a ridiculous remark.

  HondaMan 16:27 10 Aug 2012

Soory, wrong key!

As I was going to say Greyson. FE is spot on with his comment, your remark is ridiculus. It shows a complete lack of understanding of Kindle AND your girlfriend who would probably be better off without you.

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