Which surround sound speakers?

  Bailey08787 16:32 05 Mar 2004

I have a Audigy 2 card fitted in my pc, and wish to take advantage of its capabilities. At the moment I have the pc sound coming out of my stereo.

I'd like to buy some surround sound speakers, and would be looking to pay between £50-100.

I've done a search through the threads, but couldn't find any recent recommendations for speaker sets.

So has anybody heard good recent reviews for speaker sets? Or is anyone able to recommend a set based on their own experience?

One thing that I see as pretty vital is long wires, so I can spread the satelite speakers out around my room.

3-fold reason for wanting speaker set - games, dvd's, music.


  Rayuk 19:34 05 Mar 2004

Do a Google search for reviews.
Just popped in to say you can get cable extensions for the wires so wouldnt reject speakers on that point alone.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:26 05 Mar 2004

Creative T7700 which I have (pretty good for film watching) or the creative 6.1 which your card will support naturally.

  leo49 21:07 05 Mar 2004

I got some Videologic ZXR-550's for my new system with an Audigy 2 - I couldn't recommend them as to my ears they're very harsh and metallic - I got much better sound from the oldstyle white cube Creative 4.1's I had before which I gave away.

  Stuartli 09:26 06 Mar 2004

Sound reproduction is very much a question of personal taste so you really need to listen to as many different speaker systems as possible first.

Often the more simple speakers, perhaps with only two drive units, deliver superior sound to the multi-unit varieties.

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