Which Supplier? Mesh, Evesham, Carrera

  trash116 21:59 25 Sep 2004

I am looking to buy a new PC. After a couple of months reading up on internet & in magazines I decided to choose a base unit from Mesh. I went for a build to order costing c£1200 (AMD64 3500,nvidia 6800GT, dvd writer, cd writer etc). Being abit cautious I decided to investigate Mesh, and found all the postings on this forum - re problems with machines, extremely poor customer service, SP2 conflicts. I am no really worried, I'm not sure I want to gamble such a large sum of money with them.

Other big name suppliers with good reputations, & similiar systems I considered instead of Mesh were Evesham & Carrera. What are peoples thougths on who to choose?

I would like some advice - I know Mesh must sell shed loads of systems, and the posts here are biased towards people who have had problems, but i'm not sure I would be happy if I was an "unlucky customer".


  benjy 00:03 26 Sep 2004

I can't tell you about Mesh, but I have not had any serious problems with an Evesham, and response on minor issues has been quick when contacted using the PC Advisor e-mail link.

  AnthonyB 02:58 26 Sep 2004


They seem to be *THE* place to buy a new PC when shopping. "CCL" are worth a consider though, quite good feedback I've read. Wouldn't shop through the other two places you mentioned through with some bad feedback I've read - here and other places.


  cadley 11:52 26 Sep 2004

I bought from Evesham and had no problems, dvd stopped working after 10 months and it was changed quickly with no hassle, they are always helpful when you phone them.
Guess where my next PC will come from?

  spuds 12:59 26 Sep 2004

Like all manufacturers of volume quantity products, there are bound to be the rogue machine, and this is the machine that you hear about usually,very seldom the machine that as never given any problems.

I know people who have purchased via Mesh,Evesham and PC World, and all have been very pleased with their purchases.Mesh and Evesham both have a presence within the forum, and their response to any problems seems very good. At the end of the day it is your money, and I would suggest that payment by credit card is the better bet for that little extra protection.

  Forum Editor 14:29 26 Sep 2004

are, to a degree, pointless.

You'll either get people telling you that their last machine cam from company 'A' and it was fine, or that is wasn't - depending on their experience of one machine among the thousands that the company may sell in a month. Alternatively you'll have the "don't touch company 'B' with a bargepole whatever you do". type of answer.

The latter are often based on received information, and although that can be very useful at times it's better that you do the research yourself. We don't allow any exhortations to boycott companies based on a personal experience - for every bad report about a particular company there'll probably be ten good ones. Remember that adverse criticism tends to appear in the forum far more often that does praise - that's normal and to be expected - but most of the big suppliers would not be in business if every order went wrong.

Do your research, search our archive, and read magazine reviews. Place your order based on what YOU think after reading of other peoples' experiences and after taking into account what I've said about the way we see more bad news than good here.

  Forum Editor 14:36 26 Sep 2004

along the lines of me deleting posts followed by a comment such as "work it out for yourself". will result in an immediate and irrevocable forum ban.

I delete posts for a variety of reasons, but NEVER because of any personal bias towards a manufacturer - I have no bias, or any reason to have one.

  anchor 16:42 26 Sep 2004

Following advice on this forum, about 3 years ago I bought a new PC from Evesham. I must say that the service received from them has been excellent. Nothing I have read on this forum since then causes me to seriously change my opinion, and I would have no hesitation in buying from them again.

Regretfully, I cannot say that I would have the same level of confidence with some other manufacturers. Evesham do not offer the lowest prices; but good service does not come free.

  agrb 17:23 26 Sep 2004

I concur re previous threads re Evesham,I am on my second pc from them and have found the rliability and level of service from them very good.When it is time to change I shall certainly be buying from them again. The warranty is very good also.

  OhBeardedOne 17:45 26 Sep 2004

Interesting reading. My Dell is now 5 years old (I think) and overdue for replacement. It has never caused me any problems and I am looking at Dell for a replacement. BUT, and its a big but, Dell seem to be out of pace with both Mesh and Evesham in respect of price and components, so unless there are some changes, I too will be opting for one of these.

  dynamikel 18:12 26 Sep 2004

I also have just bought a new Pentium 4 from Evesham. I am just starting in digital video and bought the EVESHAM STUDIO. Very pleased with the computer, a couple of tiny niggles sorted out immediately, and I really like the way they colour code all the different leads to help you work out which goes where.

So far I have no hesitation in recommending them, no experience with the others you mention.

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