Which speakers to buy

  steve0 18:48 20 Sep 2003

I'm looking to buy a speaker system for a stand alone DVD player and TV. Have narrowed down choice to either Creative digital 5500 or Videologic digi theater. The Creative speakers are around £125 and the Videologics are on offer at Maorgan for £95.

Does anyone have views on which is the best? I use a 5.1 Creative system with computer and it seems OK, but Videologic ones are cheaper.


  wags 20:48 20 Sep 2003

I may be wrong, but I would have thought you would need something more 'meaty' for use with a TV and DVD player, depending upon the size of your room. Are you using an AV Amp ? Check out Richer Sounds click here, for example, who have some good deals on speaker packages, which may be more suitable.

  steve0 21:15 20 Sep 2003

Thanks wags - no I've not got an AV amp - that's why I need the powered speakers. Room is not all that large so might get away with lackof volume. Looked at web site you suggested - have seen their shop in Leeds - have some superb but pricey stuff in it.

  Joe McG 21:17 20 Sep 2003


I have the digi theatre connected to my dvd player, and the sound quality is superb.

  Stuartli 09:14 21 Sep 2003

The more you pay the better the sound (generally speaking) but don't just rely on recommendations.

Listen to as many speaker systems as you can before deciding, what suits one person can often disappoint others.

Quality speakers able to provide high power levels will always be working well within their capacity, so you will avoid potential distortion or poor sound by eliminating the need to try and increase sound levels beyond speakers' capabilities.

A good test of speakers is if you are able to hold a conversation in reasonable comfort whilst they are providing a pretty high sound level; try it in a hi-fi outlet's demonstration room....:-)

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