Which processors are best?

  lilybet 13:45 01 Jun 2004

I am looking to buy a new PC. Can anyone tell me which processor is best - AMD Athlon 64 or Intel 4?

  simonp1 14:23 01 Jun 2004

Well their isnt to much to choose between them. AMD more so for gamers, intel more so for design. AMD are far cheaper and have slightly better BM scores. For the money i would go with AMD.

  -Beb- 14:42 01 Jun 2004

P4 are better, just make sure you get the northwood core rather than the prescotts, which arent as good (they produce more heat etc). Athlons also run hotter than P4s and youre paying a premium for the 64bit that you wont make use of for a while, and by the time you do you'll have bought a new CPU anyway

  Sion 18:53 01 Jun 2004

If there is one thing i have learnt on the internet it is never EVER ask what is the best processor, because you'll only end up with 'fan boys' hogging the forum trying to convince you that AMD/Intel is the best. Fact is each processor has its advantages and disadvantages.
Personally, I would look at leading reviews sites, such as Firing Squad, Hexus, Toms Hardware, Anandtech. All have comprehensive reviews of the processors, under different programs and enviroments.
(Although, i would steer well clear of Prescott CPU's. That is not the AMD fan boy in me talking, i have yet to see a positive review of the chip anywhere ! Except in 'Central Heating Monthly'...ho ho ho!)

  ste_bla 02:24 02 Jun 2004

64's may seem cheaper however (correct me if im wrong) your have to use reg ram which is 60% extra in price so the price difference ends up nil

And remember when 64bit software comes out fully so itcan totally use it to its full potential well will have say 5gz cpu's (w/o o'c)

  Mister Splendid 08:15 02 Jun 2004

Unless you choose to use ECC ram motherboards supporting the Athlon 64 can use the same DDR400 ram as those supporting Ahtlon XP and DDR400.

  Rayuk 09:45 02 Jun 2004

click here
Its the FX cpus that need reg ECC memory the Athlon64 use normal DDR

  ste_bla 16:02 02 Jun 2004

my bad

  computernerdiamnot 00:07 03 Jun 2004

My Kenwood PROCESSOR makes beautiful shakes :-))) LOL

  woody147 13:38 03 Jun 2004

LOL. And my computer CHIPS taste excellent when served with haddock and mushy peas. I.T. humour, you can't beat it :-))

  -Beb- 13:56 03 Jun 2004

Athlon XP chips can be used as portable combs, the pins arent too bendy

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