Which printers are good and bad

  chrispowell 21:54 28 Sep 2005

compare dell printers to something like epson and i think we ahve reached a decision which is good and which is bad.

  Stuartli 22:20 28 Sep 2005

See my comment in your other post.

Dell printers are, IIRC, rebranded products from a specialist printer manufacturer; the same principle applies to many of its monitors over the years.

  spuds 22:23 28 Sep 2005

Dell do not make printers, they are rebadged models mainly from the Lexmark range, usually with slight modifications to cartridge holders.

  Stuartli 23:25 28 Sep 2005

Thanks for confirming that - I seem to remember than Dell sold many of them off for around a tenner a few months ago.

That's aside from the fact that the thread seems completely pointless to me, along with the other one which has been posted.

  ade.h 01:02 29 Sep 2005

This forum is for consumer advice and constructive comment, not an open-mic' session for irrelevant and seemingly unfounded criticism of companies or products to which you have taken a personal dislike.

  Kansenji 21:34 01 Oct 2005

I have bought, over the last 8 years, Epson, HP and Canon printers. All did the job they were supposed to do, but each brand has mechanical differences.

Epson inkjets eject the ink from a "fixed" print head, ie: it is an integral part of the printer & not easily replaced. This means that you might as well chuck the printer away if the ink head wears out. They also use piezo-electric technology to "squirt" the ink onto the paper; in my opinion this tends to be quite a noisy system.

HP printers don't have an ink head at all. Each cartridge you buy has one buit in, meaning that print quality remains good even as the printer gets older. It also means that there is one less item to go wrong in the printer. However, the ink cartridges can work out a bit expensive. Heat is used to "squirt" the ink onto the paper & this system is much quieter.

Canon printers normally have a detachable print head, which is easily replaced. This means that the ink cartridges are cheaper. The printing system is similar to that of HP.

My preference is for Canon printers.

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