Which Printer, R300 or i865

  fredhead40 01:15 19 Jan 2004

I am about to purchase either an Epson R300 or a Canon i865.

Cant get hold of an R300 for love nor money anywhere until Epson start distributing new stocks to the stores.

I havent seen one review of the R300. PC Advisor has reviewed the Canon and sounds like the bees knees, however is it the bees knees because its better than the R300 or because the R300 hasnt been compared yet?

Any pros or cons from owners would be helpfull.

  vibrant 09:52 19 Jan 2004

£117.99 here click here
I bought my i865 there.

  fredhead40 10:41 19 Jan 2004

Good prices at the site. What are your thoughts on the performance etc.

  wags 11:00 19 Jan 2004

Computer Buyer mag (sorry PCA !) have just reviewed the R300 and conclude it is a good photo printer but 'spidery' on text. It is also half the speed of the i865, which remains their 'Top 50 Best Buy'.

  fredhead40 11:59 19 Jan 2004

Have you got the link for the R300 review. I have looked but cant find it.

  wags 12:59 19 Jan 2004

Fredhead, it's in the March 2004 edition of the Computer Buyer mag which I received Saturday(I subscribe), so it won't be on their web site for quite a while.

  minter 13:02 19 Jan 2004

Have an i865 + i965 - both superb!!

The i865's photo print quality only beaten by the i965, and you need to magnify the image to see the difference. There is nothing on the market to beat them.

For everyday printing the i865 outperforms the i965. The i865 has a second black ink for bw printing.

My daughter has the i865 and I have the i965, wish I had the i865.

The site that vibrant points out is the one I purchased my printers from.

  vibrant 13:48 19 Jan 2004

click here
for i865. After reading this review
I bought the i865
click here
for epson r300 & r300m

  sdf 18:59 19 Jan 2004

i have an i865 - would recomend it to anyone.

  misery 19:45 19 Jan 2004

moved from an HP to i865 and could not have wished for a better upgrade_ photos are superb. Best printer I've ever owned.

  fredhead40 22:26 19 Jan 2004

Sounds like the i865 has the vote from you guys however has anyone actually seen or tried the R300?

I am certainly leaning in the direction of the i865. I am more interested in using it for photo work and both fit the bill on this front. The R300 has the extra colour varients and I am wondering if these may produce a better picture.

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