Which portable media player?

  [email protected]$H 21:57 30 Jan 2005

I'm interested in buying a portable media player to play mp3's and wma files but i have no idea which one to get or which ones there are?

20gb space is enough and would like one that has a very good sound quality.

any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

  [email protected]$H 22:22 30 Jan 2005

oh yeah and reliability is a major issue. that's the main thing that i'm concerned about.

thanks again.

p.s will someone please reply?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:26 30 Jan 2005

click here There are no moving parts so reliability should be great. It will be guaranteed for a year in any case. Virtually the same as an Iplod but you do not pay for being a fashion victim;-))))).....digital sound is digital sound.


  bfoc 23:11 30 Jan 2005

It plays MP3's & WMA's but also, which was important to me, has a compactflash slot which allows me to transfer photos from my card directly to the Gmini.

The Gmini220 also records directly from cd's, tapes etc in MP3 format.

One can buy an FM radio and remote control accessory which, apparently, allows one to record radio as MP3.

I've been impressed by the sound quality, the ease of transfer of music to it and the variety of uses it has. The software on it isn't intuitive but it works OK.

The Gmini220 is shorter than an Ipod, but thicker. Mine cost £149 from btshop.com in their sale, but I don't think they have stock anymore. I believe some places currently have it for around £190.

  [email protected]$H 17:45 31 Jan 2005

yo guys! i need some more help .Is there any cheaper ones than those above. I don't have many songs- about 500 and i'm not gonna get any more. Do you think 5GB is enough or should go for 10GB/20GB just in case?

Thanks guys.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:48 31 Jan 2005

5Gb is more than enough. You can always reload from the computer when you are bored of the current songs.


  Crash 19:05 31 Jan 2005

go for the new iriver h10 (5GB) it looks good. I have the iriver iHP 120 and I couldn't be happier with it.

  [email protected]$H 21:32 31 Jan 2005

crash, your right it does look good but i think its a bit too expensive for me for a 5gb player.
An ipod mini is cheaper and so is a creative zen- 5gb and 20gb. are any of these any good?

Also, is buying from ebay safe. like how do i know if what they say they're selling is what they are actually selling. has anyone got any good tips?


  [email protected]$H 15:22 01 Feb 2005

Anyone got any more ideas?
they'd be greatly appreciated


  Crash 18:05 01 Feb 2005

The iriver h10 has an extra 1GB of storage and a colour screen for another £20. So I would say the price is on par with the ipod mini. Try this one click here
its 20GB for £179 and the reviews say its good.

  [email protected]$H 18:24 01 Feb 2005

THANKS crash I think I'll probably go for the creative zen cause of its good value.

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