which photo printer

  sharktank 13:01 05 Aug 2004

I am in 3 minds on which printer to go for either, a. epson r300, b. canon i865, or c. canon i965
i presently own an epson 830u and epson 1290 photo. the 830u has recently been playing up poor printout paper jamming and so on when working I get good print outs. The requirements I need for printing are 1. very good photo printouts 2. good black definition on transpanrencies (i do a lot of pcb work no banding) 3. gerneral purpose text (web documents etc..) and finally printing onto CDs
I have read reviews of the above printers but would like some input from people who actually use these machines what do you think and any thoughts. I realise that there is a big price hike from a/b to c but have read that the photo quality is worth the extra
thanks for your opinions

  GuyR 13:07 05 Aug 2004

moved from epsom to canon last year, fantastic printer cheap to run due to seperate ink tanks, no chip requirements on ink tanks.

Have the 850i photo's are really good the models you are talking about are better. Paper choice has an effect for inkjet printers so don't buy cheap stuff.

speed and quietness put epson to shame, will never move back

  wags 14:03 05 Aug 2004

I agree 110% with GuyR. I also have a Canon i850, which replaced my Epson and I more recently bought an i865 (replacement for i850) for a friend and the print quality and speed is excellent. Also the ink tanks (I only use genuine Canon inks) are reasonably priced.

As GuyR has said, use good quality papers and you will be pleased with the results. My Canon likes Ilford and Fuji premium glossy papers.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:49 05 Aug 2004

Used Canon/HP and Epson. Epson R300, there is no other.....6 inks and compatibles are £30 for 12 from choice. Superb software and stunning quality for around £108.


  sharktank 18:03 05 Aug 2004

How does the old 830u compare with the newer R300. I must admit that the only problem with it is it just keeps on jamming paper, usually the thicker ones. Apart from that the printouts are good. Hence the dilema, I like epsons due to there reliability and customer support(1st time one has gone wrong). I am a bit wary of canons, used them in the past, they kept breaking down faulty power supplies etc.. I like the idea of being able to change individual inks and also printing onto CDs
the reason I ask this is that I have sent off a couple of photos to canon for them to print out on i965 and i865 would like to compare with that of epson

thanks once again for your thoughts

  Pesala 08:49 06 Aug 2004
  sharktank 22:35 09 Aug 2004

i had already posted it before realising what i had done and there does not seem to be an easy way of moving the post from one forum to another as in some other forums i have used.
by the way have you noticed how there seems to be two camps. On this forum epson rules and in the consumer forum canon rules.
Thanks for the advice i am going to get an R300 for now and possibly upgrade at a later date to a canon i9550 a3 printer

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:05 10 Aug 2004

You will not regret your choice.


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