Which PDA, Handheld is recommended

  richallen69 20:32 10 Dec 2004

I am interested in purchasing a handheld, pocket PC. Main reasons are to use GPS (tom tom?) whilst travelling and to carry basic information, files pictures, etc. I dont need the computing power/storage of a laptop/notebook.

Can anyone recommend a good PDA - and tell me what i should be wary of when purchasing..

  Forum Editor 22:00 10 Dec 2004

I'll move it now.

  Kate B 12:16 11 Dec 2004

I've used various PDAs from an old Psion series 5 via assorted Clies and now I'm using an iPaq 4150.

The Palm OS is great - it's small, elegant and there's masses of software for it. I'm less in touch with the most up to date Palm-based machines but there are a couple of magazines that offer reviews of all the newest. It depends really on which bells and whistles you want. I finally moved over to my current iPaq for two reasons: one, I wanted both Bluetooth and wi-fi (can't live without either technology) and two, the iPaq 4150 finally offered both of those in a Palm-sized package.

the Pocket PCs (iPaqs, Dell Axims etc) certainly have a fair bit of processing grunt, which you might well want if you're going to view photos: last weekend I moved about 60 jpgs of a couple of megs each on to an SD card to show friends and the iPaq was throwing all it has at displaying them. The Palm-based machines I've used have been less good at chucking processing welly at pictures.

It really comes down to which operating system you prefer, what technologies you need and how much you want to spend. Both OSs have their good and bad points. I might still err towards a Palm machine if I were buying from scratch ... and you might want to check out when the next version of the Palm OS is due to ship.

I suggest you go into a retail outlet and ask to play with various machines and see which OS you prefer. Then you can narrow down your search by deciding if you want/need wifi, bluetooth, phone capabilities etc.

  Micromagic 15:00 11 Dec 2004

The PDAs have come a long way in a short while.
But there is a long way to go brfore PDAs would
become a really usuful consumer item.

I need something like what Kate B has described
in her thread - but I would like to have all the
features in one. Does it exiat or should I put it
in my wishlist for the present?

  wee eddie 17:37 11 Dec 2004

There are mobiles that will allow you to use M$ Outlook but you still have to dial the number or physically add it to your list of numbers.

When I can use Outlook's "Click to dial" on a phone, having synchronized with my desktop, I shall move up to it.

  TrustNoone 19:34 11 Dec 2004

I've used psion (times 2!), then an HP Jornada 568. I am now using a HP2210 with CF card (from the kaput Jornada) and SD card (well. I had to fill the big space next to the CF card didn't I?)

Great looks, fast, and manages everything I throw at it. Bonus is the bluetooth which communicates with my mobile, and synchrorises with my PC at work after installing a bluetooth dongle (Belkin @ £19.99). Also happily synchronises with home PC via charger/cradle USB 2.0 connection.

I have invested in proport case (another £20-25 from click here [BTW v good website]) and screen covers and spare pointers.

I was pleased to discover that this model was highly prasied in 2003.

The price at John Lewis was £249 with a 2 year warranty - this was a few months ago. There are faster and more flashy PDAs but the 2210 is certainly working well within its capability for my needs.

  GibsonSt19 19:36 11 Dec 2004

A Dell Axim x30.

Very pleased with it, and got it new for just over £200. Great processing power, I love the design, wireless and bluetooth both built it.

I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

  wee eddie 15:49 12 Dec 2004

They display Outlook, rather than utilise it, as yet.

Unless the O2 sales-force are mistaken.

  herc182 16:21 12 Dec 2004

i use the tungsten T3.

i wrote a review of it here:

click here

other reviews
click here

comparison of prices
click here

Palm operating system is very easy and there is plenty of programmes for it.

to use GPS you will need to buy a card to provide support for that (maybe someone else can direct you as to how to do that?).

  accord 20:41 12 Dec 2004

I started with a Psion 5mx, moved onto a Toshiba e740 and now just upgraded to an iPaq 4150 with Tom Tom Sat Nav.

I can thoroughly recommend the iPaq as the screen is superb and its really quick at all tasks i throw at it.

  wee eddie 22:07 12 Dec 2004

I shall make another call to the showroom.

The lads there are obviously more interested in downloading ring-tones and MP3's than the realities of contacting one's customer base!

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