Which PC for amateur photographer?

  highwayrobber 23:26 07 Jan 2005

I'm thinking of upgrading my old Mesh for something that will let me handle image manipulation (using Photoshop CS). Don't have a large budget. Does anyone have a view on the HP T760 (called 'Photosmart I think)? I don't need to handle video editing or games and my current monitor's OK. Any help would be appreciated.

  TomJerry 00:39 08 Jan 2005

any base unit around £300 will do job nicely if you are not going to change monitor

  bfoc 04:02 08 Jan 2005

Of looking click here=

I have set up two of these machines and was really impressed. It has a very fast chip, good hard disk both very useful with Photoshop CS & digital photography, as is the built in card reader.

The TV card is just a nice extra for when you fancy doing something else for a short while!

Alternately you could see what is available at click here the stock changes daily and they can have quite powerful machines available.

Photoshop CS in my experience really needs a good amount of memory and 512 Mb is, IMHO, a minimum.

By the way if you want a good book on Photoshop CS for digital photographers Amazon has one at £18.60 off at click here

  €dstowe 08:24 08 Jan 2005

Even a basic computer will allow photo manipulation. A more important part is a photo printer.

Have a look at the Epson "R" range especially R300 and above. These have built-in card readers so you don't even have to have your computer running to be able to print your masterpieces.

  bfoc 11:05 08 Jan 2005

Can handle photo manipulation, depending on how basic it is, Photoshop CS is very resource hungry indeed and I would recommend more than a basic PC for use with it, especially under Windows.

  €dstowe 12:12 08 Jan 2005

The point of my post was to emphasise the importance of the printer in a digital photo setup.

The fact remains that, without a decent printer, all other refinements are to nothing. With the Epson R300, you can print your digital pictures without even switching the computer on.

  mbp 12:49 08 Jan 2005

click here
The above is a link to website about Epson Stylus Photo Printer 2100, the latest in Inkjet printers, if you want a good printer. I do not know the price, as the printer is my sons. You cannot find a better printer. It has 7 inks so you save on just replacing the empty one. The results are, IMHO superb.

For amateur photography, it is not the computer that is important. However, The ability of your screen to be able to match the true colours so that what you see will match what will be printed is important because even if you use Photoshop 7 or 8 (CS) you will not know what you are adjusting in your software program.

A good photo editing software is important, yet it is not essential here to spend a lot of money. There are many excellent software products such as Paint Shop Pro, or Serif's Photo Plus 8 or 9 that will do as good a job as you would ever envisage to do. Of course, a decent camera with 3to5 MPixels should be adequate, but a good dSLR would be the ultimate for most amateurs.. The most important factor if you are wanting to be a serious photographer is always think about getting Good Glass for your lens. This means researching until you find something that fits your pocket. No one can make that decision for you. The question is how keen are you on photography and what is your staying power because it can get rather expensive as you will be wanting the best. But on the amateur level, it will not cost an arm and a leg.

  dibble 13:14 08 Jan 2005

Take a look at click here You can alter the specification including deleting unwanted items like your monitor. I purchased P4 system from them just for the purpose of photographic manipulation and access to the internet, well impressed. Had system for approx eighteen months with no problems. Well worth a look at the other systems.

  bfoc 16:45 08 Jan 2005

Having a suitable printer is vital if one is going to produce high quality hard copy at home but that is another very long story! As is which other photo packages would be good to buy.

I just feel that if one is getting a new machine specifically to use a particular package, Photoshop CS in this case, it is vital to ensure that the new machine has enough power to run the specified program as smoothly as possible.

  Stuartli 16:57 08 Jan 2005

BigPockets has a Athlon 3.0MHz Packard Bell base unit for £399 including VAT:

click here

  Stuartli 16:58 08 Jan 2005

Spec: Packard Bell AMD XP3000+ PC, 512 DDR, 80 Gig HDD, DVDRW dual layer writer, Windows XP

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