Which new PC? RAM or Processing Power?

  Nick052 21:19 26 Dec 2007


Im after some advice - my dad wants a cheap new PC, and I have found two ideal ones for him to choose from:

click here


click here

Which of these PCs is likely to be fastest? One has a faster processor but only 512MB RAM, and the other processor is 900Mhz slower but with 1Gb RAM.

It is not crucial that the PC comes with peripherals (e.g. monitor, mouse) as he is only replacing the tower. However, if the PC World one is the better PC, this is the one he will go for.

Which one represents best value for money in terms of speed?


  Nick052 21:26 26 Dec 2007

His old PC is a Windows 98 machine and is extremely long in the tooth.

It will be used for Internet browsing, and image scanning/editing only.

  Why wont it work 21:27 26 Dec 2007

The first pc is the better choice in my view. It has more ram and a better processor (despite having a lower clockspeed it's actually more powerful, clockspeed is not everything in determining performance). The first pc also has Vista Home Premium instead of Vista Basic like on the second pc, the premium version has more features than the basic version. I do not believe tha the second pc has enough ram to run Vista very well at all either.

The first pc is the better option, although I would consider upgrading the RAM to 2gb as I have found that Vista does not run too well with less (although you can live with 1gb).

  Quiet Life 23:36 26 Dec 2007

Both suppliers are owned by DSG. However Pixmania is based in France and there has been a lot of adverse criticism on this forum about delivery,returning goods and after sales service.
A purchase from PC World makes more sense for a computer. 512mb ram is too little for even XP. Most of this range has only 2 memory slots and usualy 2x256 would be fitted so an upgrade would mean dicarding all the fitted memory. (Would also apply to the Athlon based computer with 1gb ram )Microsoft specify 2gb as minimum for Vista home Premium.
These are both end of range machines with old processors and you would get a more upto date and better specified machine with the Medion range as sold by Aldi or even Targa sold by Lidl.
(I had a bad experience with a Targa from Lidl but Lidl did refund after I had had enough of Targa after some seven months) Other peopl have been well pleased with these machine.
Wait a bit longer prices are always falling.
Sorry I have not really answered your question.

  Totally-braindead 00:09 27 Dec 2007

I wouldn't touch Pixmania with a bargepole, they are not UK based and if you do have problems A it costs a fortune to return and item B the goods you buy might not be UK spec which can cause problems and C they are very slow to help with problems.

Buy from a UK retailer.

The PC World one is basic, will run ok in my opinion with 512mb RAM but adding another 512mb will not break the bank. Typically its about £20 sometimes as low as £10 depending. As long as hes not into games it would be fine.

  Totally-braindead 00:12 27 Dec 2007

Correction on my earlier post I didn't note it was Vista. With onboard graphics even with it being Vista Basic it will not be very responsive. However, add more memory and its a completely different PC.
I have to agree with Quiet Life his mention of XP threw me off a bit, 512mb is not enough for Vista it really needs 1 gig free and clear.

  Nick052 23:53 27 Dec 2007

Many thanks for all the replies.

He has decided to wait until there is a PC with 2Gb of RAM for a similar price.

I will keep an eye out at Aldi, as I have a Medion laptop myself, and it's excellent!

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