Which New Desktop Should I Choose?

  harleyd 08:13 07 Sep 2014

Hi All. I think I'm about ready for a fresh desktop, but pretty much confused by whats on offer nowadays. I'm not particularly computer literate (early retired) but am a one man self employed business selling on eBay. I would like a fast responsive computer which can multi task easily in terms of editing pictures, uploading/downloading pictures thru a 1/3rd party, numerous e-mails etc etc. I'm not into videos, games & the likes - it would mainly be a working machine. I've hankered after some offers from John Lewis for example - Lenovo H530s Desktop PC, Intel Core i7, 12GB RAM, 1TB + 8GB SSD, Black

Is Lenovo any good? obviously it comes with Windows 8.1 - do I need to have a touch screen or can I use my existing screen? Or should I buy a package?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm a little bit out of my depth here!

Any pointers would be appreciated as long as they're in plain English!

Many thanks

  spuds 08:51 07 Sep 2014

I have a Lenovo G700 laptop, which for the manufacture I cannot fault, but Windows 8 is proving to be a bit of a bug-bear. To me Windows 7 is the better option, and some retailer's are still offering this option, including Argos.

With John Lewis you have the added advantage of a 'free' extended warranty, when other retailer's are offering this as an extra, usually at great cost.

Its a bit early yet, and there have been problems with this website, so perhaps someone will answer your questions more fully later?.

  onthelimit1 15:43 07 Sep 2014

I've been buying Novatech PCs with no OS for lots of people locally. I then get a genuine W7 OS from Amazon (around £59) which everyone seems happy with. Incidentally, Novatech came out top on a recent Which! survey into PC suppliers.

And, no, I'm not connected to the company.

  The Kestrel 16:38 07 Sep 2014

Although this PC from Argos has a core i5 processor it should be capable of doing all the things you have listed. The advantage is that it has a Windows 7 operating system which was not designed for use with a touch screen.

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  harleyd 15:49 08 Sep 2014

Hi again. Thanks for your replies - just one last question - can I use Windows 8.1 with my existing non-touch screen, keyboard & mouse?

  spuds 17:06 08 Sep 2014

"...can I use Windows 8.1 with my existing non-touch screen, keyboard & mouse?"

See no reason why you cannot.

I use one keyboard, one mouse connected to a KVM switch, working three computers with XP,W7,W8.

  Woolwell 22:07 08 Sep 2014

"can I use Windows 8.1 with my existing non-touch screen, keyboard & mouse" - Yes.

  harleyd 07:06 09 Sep 2014

OK. Thanks guys for your help!

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