Which Mp3 player???

  freddy-firecracker 15:51 11 Nov 2004


i am looking to buy an mp3 player for xmas but only aim to spend up to £100 in the process.

It needs to be as simple to use as possible as i will not be the person who uses it.

Any ideas????



  TomJerry 16:59 11 Nov 2004
  TomJerry 17:02 11 Nov 2004

just pick one suit your style.

if it is a teen your are buying for, get IPOD mini which you can buy from states for £130

  sean-278262 17:45 11 Nov 2004

I wouldnt buy from mp3player.co.uk I ordered an iHP 140 in the summer to go away with a week later it hadn't arrived. I phoned up and asked what was happening they told me that they would email the tracking number to me I ran it through the post offices website and it had told me it was attempted to be delivered on a saturday, this annoyed me as I was in all day,that and the fact that there is no postal service in Ireland on a Saturday.

I called back and told them this at which point the decided to take the stance that it was not their problem and I had to take it up with the postal service. Considering that the retailer under consumer law has the responsibility to get the item form them to you I demanded a refund and due to them waiting till the exchange rate was favourable they shortchanged me by €30

So all in all advancedmp3players are the better company you may pay a small bit more for the device but this is returned with their service, there is a forum and you can email and they get back quickly and are helpful in sorting your problems.


Well for £100 you are limited to the old flash based players not a bad thing as you can get a nex ia+ for £59 with no memory, but click here tends to do the best CF card prices at the minute.

If you are willing to pay a bit more you can get Aiwa HZ-DS2000 or the HZ-WS2000 both for 145 plus free postage.

The HZ-DS has a flash buffer so is designed for sports usage but no remote vital for some people.

The HZ-WS has sleak lines and is the smallest hard disk mp3 player, finished is silver it is also classy, no screen on the player but a remote is included. The Player has gotten nothing but gleeming reviews everywhere I have looked.

click here Do both Aiwa players but the WS is on offer at £109, sadly for me only delivery to UK addresses argh.

Good Luck in your purchase and please post back a review on the player you eventually decide upon.

  Midnite 18:23 11 Nov 2004

what disk size player you looking for 128MB, 500MB or 1GB?

  TomJerry 19:21 11 Nov 2004

Best choice for the money:

£94.99 BenQ Joybee 120 256MB MP3 Player and Radio - USB1.1 Flash Drive - three different colours click here

Aiwa AZES256 Personal Mp3 Player £104.87 click here

Panasonic SV-MP20 128 MB Mp3 Player £104.89 click here

  TomJerry 22:22 11 Nov 2004

INOVIX MP3 IMP-33B 1024Mb £115 player click here

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