Which motherboard to buy

  m4819 18:06 12 Feb 2006

i am buying an AMD Athlon 2*64 4400 processor as I am into fast gaming. Cannot make up my mind what motherboard to buy although I am thinking of going witha Nforce4 SLI chip set any advice would be welcome

  rmcqua 19:04 12 Feb 2006

I think I would go for this one:
click here

  GaT7 19:09 12 Feb 2006

Excellent choice by rmcqua.

Some reviews on the Asus A8N-SLI Premium
click here, click here, click here. G

  ade.h 21:12 12 Feb 2006

Gigabyte makes an excellent Nforce 4 SLI board, in Royal spec. It got a superb review recently from - I think - PCW. Or might have been PC Pro.

Having had a number of different brands over the years, ranging from excellent to awful, Gigabyte has been the best. The Dual BIOS may well save your bacon one day.

  Wellbe 09:39 13 Feb 2006

Warning: Thread Hijack...

Sorry guys but on this topic, what is the difference between the A8N-SLI Prem and the A8N32-SLI Deluxe?

When I asked the answer I got was that the A8N32 is the latest version and is therefore better... ;-|

Do any of you maybe have a more informative reason...

  vinnyT 12:45 13 Feb 2006

The a8n32-sli board will allow two (sli) graphics cards to run at 16x, whereas the a8n-sli splits the speed between the two cards ie 8x.

At the mo this doesn't really make much diff. but games being developed should start to take advantage, don't know when though.

Hope this helps.

  phil46 13:29 13 Feb 2006

Don't be taken in with flash computer specs i have a dual core AMD64 on a socket 939 board have i noticed any change i can't say i have but there you go i don't use my computer for games i couldn't be arsed with them.

As a matter of interest my 7 year old 1.1gb pentium 3 Brio upgraded to SATA drive use can log on to WXP 10secs faster that my new computer.

  Ceri.E 15:52 16 Feb 2006

The i-guru feature enables me to up the FSB speed from 200 to 220 without changing voltage or anything else. That makes 220 x 11 = just over 4800 for the 4400 money.

Of course, mor able technicians can do this in less obvious ways but whilst I have no idea of how to o/c a chip, I can do it with this one.



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