Which motherboard? Asus P4T533-C or A7V333 RAID?

  Paul_RFC 01:40 13 Jun 2003

Im throwing a new machine together and would be grateful for any help and opinions offered on which components to go with. Want the machine to be fast but dont need the fastest stuff! Looking for good value components that do a job well really.

I have 2 motherboards I bought, one of which I will build this around.

The first is an Asus P4T533-C.
click here

The second is an Asus A7V333 with RAID.
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Both boards seem to be very good according to reviews. The Intel one appears to support faster components etc.
This is going to be the first step, deciding which processor to buy. So opinions on this are really sought here and welcomed. I aint clued up too much about this so really need the help.
The Intel board though I think only supports RDRAM memory? Is this good, bad??? Seems RDRAM memory is a lot more expensive?
The AMD board has RAID. How much of an advantage will this be? I want to add a couple off HDDs, DVD Writer, DVD Reader and CD Writer if I can. I dont really know how RAID works so could do with advice on this?

Thx in advance for any help.

  carver 06:10 13 Jun 2003

You will have more success if you post this in the helproom, it's more a tech posting. For a start think about what you are going to use the P/C for, will it be used for just games ,will it be used for video editing, storing vast amounts of movies or just a P/C for number crunching?. Any of these will effect whether you need a P4 (EXPENSIVE) or an athlon (cheaper)and do you need two HDDs?, a 120 GB can now be had for about £80. Good luck

  powerless 07:15 13 Jun 2003

Well as the motherboards use a different processor.

P4T533-C - Intel's P4

A7V333 - AMD's Athlon XP's

P4's are more exspensive than their AMD Equivalents.

The P4T533-C board uses RAMBUS (RDRAM)memory, this is more expensive than the DDR type memory that the A7V333 board uses.

Depends what your going to use the computer for, video editing etc etc than a P4T533-C based computer will be great. But at a cost.

Anyhting else go for the A7V333, save your money as well.

  Paul_RFC 00:54 16 Jun 2003

Thx guys.

Am most probably gonna go for the AMD board. The machine will be used mainly for burning dvdr and games.
I'd like the option of being able to add more hdds as I go along as they will store image files. I already have bought a new 120Gb WD hdd. If I'm using RAID do I have to get the exact same HDD?

I have been looking at video cards about £100-150 mark. Have seen the Radeon 9500 for 128 and 9600 for 148. I know these are good cards but what are they like in comparison to the new Geforce FX 5600, about 140 or even the Ti4600 or 4800?? Any recommendations on which of these to go for??

Lastly, when buying a case, what size of power supply should I get? Lets say I have an XP2800 in? What is the minimum I should be looking for?

Thanks a lot guys.

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