Which motherboard?

  ceejer 20:02 08 Mar 2010

I have had a problem with my Pc and I am considering either upgrading or buying a new machine. I want a machine that will last several years. I will mainly be using it for photo editing, gaming and office based functions. I had thought to get an intel i5 750 as a mid range cpu. Which motherboard can you suggest that will help to futureproof my Pc, I looking to have usb3 ability also a good onboard sound card as I need to cut corners somewhere. I have a 7.1 creative speaker system and the soundcard needs to be able to handle that, otherwise I need to spend more for a separate sound card. Also what size psu will I need, my present machine is seven years old and although high end then is rather lame by today's standards. My machine has a athlon 2800+ cpu, 2.5Gb ram, Audigy 2 sound card, 250Gb hard drive(7200rpm with 8mb buffer) and a 128mb ddr ATI Radeon 9700 graphics card. I have been told my motherboard is faulty but, is it worth keeping any of the other components.? Cheers for any ideas!

  citadel 21:59 08 Mar 2010

not many boards with usb3 yet, most expensive ones have it first. you can add a usb3 card later if you ever get any devices that can use it. otherwise your usb2 stuff will run at usb2 speed if its plugged into a usb3 socket. you can get a p55 board for less than a hudred pounds, you will have to check spec for sound. a enermax 625 pro82 psu will do everything you want with 88% efficiency.

I've seen some Gigabyte ones from scan and overclockers that have USB3 on them but you could consider buying a motherboard with a good PCI Express bus but USB2 and just get a PCIE Add-in card with USB3 on it when that comes out.

Citadel is right, newwer stuff like that comes on the more expensive boards first and slowly works it's way down. So if you want it native onboard you have 2 choices. Pay out of an expensive board or wait a year or so for it to come out on the cheaper boards

  ceejer 00:07 09 Mar 2010

Thanks guys, so really should I just set a price and choose one or are some makes better than others.

  chub_tor 11:07 09 Mar 2010

Gigabyte make excellent quality motherboards and have several that handle i5 in a range of prices. Check these out...

click here+(Socket+1156)+DDR3+Micro-ATX+Motherboard+?productId=39533&source=googleps

click here-

click here-

  chub_tor 11:09 09 Mar 2010

Sorry the Aria link doesn't work, log onto their website and look for procuct id 39533

  ceejer 11:31 09 Mar 2010

Thanks chub_tor, Do you think it's worth keeping any of my old components or will they just slow down the machine.

  chub_tor 18:44 09 Mar 2010

The last time that I upgraded I went completely over to SATA devices for the hard drive and the DVD drives. I did this partly for neatness inside the box but mainly to have the fastest devices that I could afford. You will need a PCIe graphics card if you don't already have one and some of the boards listed use DDR3 memory which you might have to change to. Lastly check that you have a power supply capable of meeting the needs of your chosen processor and graphics card.

  chub_tor 18:46 09 Mar 2010

Looked back at your first post and I see that you have the Radeon 9700 which I think only came as an AGP device so you will have to replace your graphics card.

  ceejer 10:54 10 Mar 2010

Cheers, how does my Creative Audigy 2 sound card compare with modern onboard sound cards. When I bought my Pc the onboard sound cards were rubbish. Will my card be compatable with modern motherboards if the onboard cards aren't as good.

  chub_tor 11:23 10 Mar 2010

To be honest I have had no experience with sound cards for a number of years and have been using the on board sound chips. They are certainly far superior to some of the old Creative cards I used. Most sound cards were PCI so just check that you have a spare PCI slot on the board that you choose. You may have to disable the on-board sound in the BIOS to use your own card.

As an example one of the boards I listed has the following on-board sound: Realtek ALC888B codec • High Definition Audio • 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel • Support for S/PDIF In/Out • Support for CD In.

You could probably Google it for a review and see what experts think of it.

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