Which Monitor to buy to use for PC and TV?

  mrthrifty 12:24 11 May 2006

Any help or suggestions please for which monitor or brand would be best for using an LCD monitor to watch tv on.

I have a desktop PC with broadband with in built graphics and sound. It is in my conservatory so it will not be the main TV in the house.

What minimum requirements would you suggest for graphics? Do I need to buy a sound card as well or should the graphics card do both.

And the monitor. Any minimum repsonse rates or ratios etc.


  Charence 13:14 11 May 2006

Do you want the TV to be monitor with built in tuner or are you planning on installing a tuner into your computer?

Your built in sound card should be enough, but I assume it will need changing if you want surround sound because built in cards usually just have one stereo outlet.

I think response rates below 16ms should be adequate; most monitors on the market now seem to have much lower response rates and I think the screen aspect ratio is just a personal preference.

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  mrthrifty 14:30 11 May 2006

Thanks for that,

I would like the ability to have the monitor inside the cabinet for use as a monitor, and have the ability to close the cabinet doors and place the monitor on top, this way when using as a TV we will not have to see the PC, wires, keyboard etc.

No major need for one with tuner as I am sure I will always need it near the PC (Already have laptop also), and yes I plan to get a card for the PC.
Have seen a freecom USB with freeview on ebuyer. This will allow me to take the tuner away on holiday etc and use the laptop.

From what I have seen you have to pay a lot more for a montior with tuner built in, yet you can buy a tuner for your PC for much less and add it on.

  dontmeshwithme 16:34 11 May 2006

Depending on your budget I would go for a more expensive monitor and have a tuner card in the PC rather than go for a monitor with built in tuner. That way you will be able to benefit from a higher resolution on the pc. The current A listed PC Pro 20" tft monitor see click here
will set you back just over £300 and has a very high resolution (so will give you some future proofing) and a quick response time 8ms. It is also widescreen but the main draw is the 1680 X 1050 resolution, which is much higher than the 640 x 480 offered by the Samsung 20" monitor with tuner (also at the same price). The one caveat however is whether your current machine has the spec to run the high definition monitor, do you know what the graphics card you currently have is?

  dontmeshwithme 16:36 11 May 2006

On other thing, what version of XP do you have? It might be worth upgrading to XP media centre edition if funds allow.

  mrthrifty 16:52 11 May 2006

will check out my spec tonight. thanks so far...

I did think about a media centre pc that I saw but was not tempted enough as I managed to get a good entry pc for £200 plus VAT rather than most media centres with monitor being £800 or there abouts.
I mainly only use the PC for surfing and a few games for my son..... so did not have the need.

I normally prefer to buy a basic spec and upgrade areas I need later when prices fall, for example monitors. I found that many of the packages that were on offer did not have a decent enought monitor for it to be used on a daily basis.

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