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Which Micro SD Card?

  Electronic_Eric 00:20 15 Jul 2013


I'm planning to purchase an micro SD Card within the next day or two. I plan to put the memory card in to my Samsung Galaxy S3.

I've looked on Amazon and a lot of people say that the Sandisk's die and/or fake.

Does anyone recommend any?

Cheers for any help.

  morddwyd 05:44 15 Jul 2013

I've never had any problems with Sandisk.

If you really don't trust them look at Kingston, another make I've found reliable

  hastelloy 08:45 15 Jul 2013

I always use Integral and find them very good and cheaper than Sandisk.

  spuds 09:52 15 Jul 2013

There was a mention on a very recent television programme about the increase of various well known branded fakes reaching the UK, and how the authorities are stepping up checks at point of entry and within the UK. The like of computer and photographic items including SD cards had a good mention

It would appear that the only recommendation so far, is to buy from well known and reputable outlets, and not just on very cheap prices on some goods, especially on the internet, that could well be fake.

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