Which low energy light bulbs?

  tonyq 19:32 31 Mar 2010

I am in need of some low energy light bulbs for 2 -3 bulb light fittings (bayonet type) in the lounge. At present they are 60w normal type,so I presume the 15w(old 75w)would be the replacement for a slightly better light.I would value input as to which are the best type to buy e.g brightness,start up,ect.

  oresome 19:39 31 Mar 2010

I'd buy whatever you can find cheap on a subsidised deal at the supermarket.

They all seem much of a muchness and at at around 10p each I don't get too upset when they don't last anything like the claimed hours.

  Graham. 23:36 31 Mar 2010

I use these full spectrum bulbs and tubes click here
They cost a little more, but they last forever.

  KremmenUK 07:17 01 Apr 2010

I want low energy dimmables that actually work.

I've tried 3 different makes and they all blew within a month so got returned.

All my other rooms with normal energy savers have been replaced at least once a year, as stated above they just don't last anywhere near the advertised hours.

  BT 08:26 01 Apr 2010

Don't know what you are doing with them but mine last for ages.
I've been using them since they first came out. The very first one which was huge and weighed a ton, enclosed in a glass cover, lasted 2/3 years. The one currently in use in my standard lamp which is on for several hours every evening is a spiral 25w one from Tesco and has been in use for over 4 years. Similarly a straight 20w in a table lamp has been in use for a similar length of time.

  BT 08:31 01 Apr 2010

As has been said the deals in the supermarkets are as good as any.
If you haven't used them before you will notice that they take about a minute to reach full brightness but they start up instantly.

  dms_05 10:58 01 Apr 2010

Of course low energy fluorescents aren't like tungsten and you can't use a dimmer. If you do then you will cause problems for the dimmer and the bulb.

Like others I have extremely long life from my low energy bulbs and of course save 80% of the energy costs associated with tungsten lights. I also bought 10 for £2 from my local supermarket. I expect these will last me to 2020 and save me several hundred pounds in that period.

  oresome 13:30 01 Apr 2010

My bulbs are usually replaced because they fail to strike immediately.

Particularly noticeable during the early hours when the house is cold and you only need the light on for a minute or so. It's bad enough that the light output is dismal for this period without it flickering for 30 seconds.

  BT 17:21 01 Apr 2010

Can't say I've ever had a problem with them starting up, certainly not flickering.
As to warm up time I have some globe type ones in some uplighters in my conservatory which take quite a long time to come up to full brightness, but the spiral and straight ones only take a short while to come to full brightness and are quite adequate while doing so.

  robin_x 23:21 01 Apr 2010

Philips Spiralux are best in my opinion.
click here

Get them from Tesco. Shoparound for deals.

Can't remember if Tesco now doing own brand spirals.

If you are disturbed by lower output try and stay with 15W although they are a little larger.

11-12W are definitely not as good as a 60W bulb.

Whole house has been low energy (40 bulbs) for about 2 years. Have had 6 failures.

3 in first 10 days. Tesco replaced them.
But I had to argue.
(one particular nasty customer service woman, well known to us. We hate it when she is on duty)

Strangely the upstairs bathroom one packed up two weeks ago. And the replacement didn't work.
Either came on when I touched them.

Connections were OK, so I was prepared to change the fitting but thought I would try another buld anyway. Happened to be a normal 60W.

Fault disappeared. "OK the soldertags must be worn"

1 week later. Exactly the same thing happened
in the downstairs shower room.

Weird or what. So two rooms now back to 60W and the difference is very noticeable.

(and yes I know CFLs take a couple of mins to reach max brightness.)

And before you all jump on me, I am a qualified electrician.

  tonyq 19:08 02 Apr 2010

Hi all,would there be a lot of difference in the brightness if I were to buy something on the lines of this,as opposed to the cheaper straight ones mentioned in the above postings.
click here

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